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The solo mining portion of Zogminer has moved (temporarily) to a clone of the zcash repo found at We will make a PR to zcash when it is ready. This repo can still serve as pool miner.


An OpenCL Zcash miner solving Equihash PoW.

Project Status

Status: In active development

Check the project's roadmap to see what's happening at the moment and what's planned next.

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First make sure OpenCL is correctly installed in your system. If you are having issues, take a look at our Ubuntu Guide or Fedora Guide.

If you are getting /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lOpenCL, the error has to do with the driver installing as You can create a symlink:

$ sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Or for people that do not want to mess with this:

$ sudo apt-get install ocl-icd-opencl-dev


Install the dependencies. On Debian/Ubuntu-based systems:

$ sudo apt-get install \
      build-essential pkg-config libc6-dev m4 g++-multilib \
      autoconf libtool ncurses-dev unzip git python \
      zlib1g-dev wget bsdmainutils automake opencl-headers \

On RedHat (Fedora/CentOS) systems:

$ sudo dnf install \
      git pkgconfig automake autoconf ncurses-devel python wget vim-commom \
      gtest-devel gcc gcc-c++ libtool patch opencl-headers mesa-libGL-devel

Fetch our repository with git and run like so:

$ git clone
$ cd zogminer/
$ ./zcutil/

Ensure you have successfully installed all system dependencies as described above. Then run the build, e.g.:

$ ./zcutil/ -j$(nproc)

This should compile our dependencies and build zcash-miner. (Note: if you don't have nproc, then substitute the number of your processors.)


Run GPU test miner

$ ./src/zcash-miner -G


$ ./src/zcash-miner -help


./src/zcash-miner -G -stratum="stratum+tcp://<address>:<port>" -user=<user> -password=<pass>

Solo mine ZCash

This currently only works on the zcash branch

zcashd -G -allgpu (this will load all your cards and solo mine) zcashd -G -deviceid= (this will run a specific card) zcashd -G -allgpu -genproclimit=2 (this will run two threads per card. If you're card has 4gb or more this can work)

First create or modify ~/.zcash/zcash.conf with the following:

deviceid=<device> (default: 0)

Next run zcashd:




ZEC: t1MEUYR6yu9hYQ31ECWmijVwx9R6pAXQSTy

BTC: 18tvCqDFAFWv3jwDqXe5SBs6bmy9Xn4bnN

ETH: 0x000DCB7ccB55faDaEc5C4A13E173a1E30e643867


ZEC: t1MfAaj8YDwiwFb6RAnNtW4EtzvTvkFGBvV


ETH: 0a9e0a4cfffc9a7c7df37d8300e9f79ad15b986f


ZEC: t1PGgRgVQ14utsD7mp2dzGdykTDFUCKzPQ5

BTC: 1A67XmfyukPNbrMmckBToE8xZPesuM6Ti1

ETH: 0x82a642cAFD6bFc228C7B5Ea0394A0Ad702A7c03D