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Changes with Unit 1.6 15 Nov 2018
*) Change: "make install" now installs Node.js module as well if it was
*) Feature: "--local" ./configure option to install Node.js module
*) Bugfix: Node.js module might have crashed due to broken reference
*) Bugfix: asynchronous operations in Node.js might not have worked.
*) Bugfix: various compatibility issues with Node.js applications.
*) Bugfix: "freed pointer is out of pool" alerts might have appeared in
*) Bugfix: module discovery didn't work on 64-bit big-endian systems
like IBM/S390x.
Changes with Unit 1.5 25 Oct 2018
*) Change: the "type" of application object for Go was changed to
*) Feature: initial version of Node.js package with basic HTTP
request-response support.
*) Feature: compatibility with LibreSSL.
*) Feature: --libdir and --incdir ./configure options to install libunit
headers and static library.
*) Bugfix: connection might be closed prematurely while sending
response; the bug had appeared in 1.3.
*) Bugfix: application processes might have stopped handling requests,
producing "last message send failed: Resource temporarily
unavailable" alerts in log; the bug had appeared in 1.4.
*) Bugfix: Go applications didn't work when Unit was built with musl C
Changes with Unit 1.4 20 Sep 2018
*) Change: the control API maps the configuration object only at
*) Feature: TLS support for client connections.
*) Feature: TLS certificates storage control API.
*) Feature: Unit library (libunit) to streamline language module
*) Feature: "408 Request Timeout" responses while closing HTTP
keep-alive connections.
*) Feature: improvements in OpenBSD support. Thanks to David Carlier.
*) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might have occurred after
*) Bugfix: building on systems with non-default locale might be broken.
*) Bugfix: "header_read_timeout" might not work properly.
*) Bugfix: header fields values with non-ASCII bytes might be handled
incorrectly in Python 3 module.
Changes with Unit 1.3 13 Jul 2018
*) Change: UTF-8 characters are now allowed in request header field
*) Feature: configuration of the request body size limit.
*) Feature: configuration of various HTTP connection timeouts.
*) Feature: Ruby module now automatically uses Bundler where possible.
*) Feature: http.Flusher interface in Go module.
*) Bugfix: various issues in HTTP connection errors handling.
*) Bugfix: requests with body data might be handled incorrectly in PHP
*) Bugfix: individual PHP configuration options specified via control
API were reset to previous values after the first request in
application process.
Changes with Unit 1.2 07 Jun 2018
*) Feature: configuration of environment variables for application
*) Feature: customization of php.ini path.
*) Feature: setting of individual PHP configuration options.
*) Feature: configuration of execution arguments for Go applications.
*) Bugfix: keep-alive connections might hang after reconfiguration.
Changes with Unit 1.1 26 Apr 2018
*) Bugfix: Python applications that use the write() callable did not
*) Bugfix: virtual environments created with Python 3.3 or above might
not have worked.
*) Bugfix: the request.Read() function in Go applications did not
produce EOF when the whole body was read.
*) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might have occurred while access log
*) Bugfix: in parsing of IPv6 control socket addresses.
*) Bugfix: loading of application modules was broken on OpenBSD.
*) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might have occurred when there were two
modules with the same type and version; the bug had appeared in 1.0.
*) Bugfix: alerts "freed pointer points to non-freeble page" might have
appeared in log on 32-bit platforms.
Changes with Unit 1.0 12 Apr 2018
*) Change: configuration object moved into "/config/" path.
*) Feature: basic access logging.
*) Bugfix: 503 error occurred if Go application did not write response
header or body.
*) Bugfix: Ruby applications that use encoding conversions might not
have worked.
*) Bugfix: various stability issues.
Changes with Unit 0.7 22 Mar 2018
*) Feature: Ruby application module.
*) Bugfix: in discovering modules.
*) Bugfix: various race conditions on reconfiguration and during
shutting down.
*) Bugfix: tabs and trailing spaces were not allowed in header fields
*) Bugfix: a segmentation fault occurred in Python module if
start_response() was called outside of WSGI callable.
*) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might have occurred in PHP module if
there was an error while initialization.
Changes with Unit 0.6 09 Feb 2018
*) Bugfix: the main process died when the "type" application option
contained version; the bug had appeared in 0.5.
Changes with Unit 0.5 08 Feb 2018
*) Change: the "workers" application option was removed, the "processes"
application option should be used instead.
*) Feature: the "processes" application option with prefork and dynamic
process management support.
*) Feature: Perl application module.
*) Bugfix: in reading client request body; the bug had appeared in 0.3.
*) Bugfix: some Python applications might not have worked due to missing
"wsgi.errors" environ variable.
*) Bugfix: HTTP chunked responses might be encoded incorrectly on 32-bit
*) Bugfix: infinite looping in HTTP parser.
*) Bugfix: segmentation fault in router.
Changes with Unit 0.4 15 Jan 2018
*) Feature: compatibility with DragonFly BSD.
*) Feature: "configure php --lib-static" option.
*) Bugfix: HTTP request body was not passed to application; the bug had
appeared in 0.3.
*) Bugfix: HTTP large header buffers allocation and deallocation fixed;
the bug had appeared in 0.3.
*) Bugfix: some PHP applications might not have worked with relative
"root" path.
Changes with Unit 0.3 28 Dec 2017
*) Change: the Go package name changed to "nginx/unit".
*) Change: in the "limits.timeout" application option: application start
time and time in queue now are not accounted.
*) Feature: the "limits.requests" application option.
*) Feature: application request processing latency optimization.
*) Feature: HTTP keep-alive connections support.
*) Feature: the "home" Python virtual environment configuration option.
*) Feature: Python atexit hook support.
*) Feature: various Go package improvements.
*) Bugfix: various crashes fixed.
Changes with Unit 0.2 19 Oct 2017
*) Feature: configuration persistence.
*) Feature: improved handling of configuration errors.
*) Feature: application "timeout" property.
*) Bugfix: POST request for PHP were handled incorrectly.
*) Bugfix: the router exited abnormally if all listeners had been
*) Bugfix: the router crashed under load.
*) Bugfix: memory leak in the router.
Changes with Unit 0.1 06 Sep 2017
*) First public release.