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Use go modules

* Remove dep
* Use go modules
* Update Makefile to use go modules
* Update travis config to use go modules in fossa check
* Update contributing guide to note dependency management changes
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Dean-Coakley committed Aug 9, 2019
1 parent 9748db8 commit a7151b0dbd03a42b019f29d4b525a3d747b501d1
Showing 390 changed files with 107,676 additions and 34,796 deletions.
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ go:
- "1.12"
- echo "Building ingress controller commit:${TRAVIS_COMMIT}"
- make BUILD_IN_CONTAINER=0 container;
- make BUILD_IN_CONTAINER=0 container;
- echo "Helm smoke test"
- cd ${TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR} && wget -O helm.tar.gz ${helm_download} &&
tar xzfv helm.tar.gz -C ./ --strip-components=1 linux-amd64/helm
@@ -18,4 +18,4 @@ before_install:
- if [[ "${TRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST_SLUG}" == "nginxinc/kubernetes-ingress" || "${TRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST}" == "false" ]]; then
wget https://${fossalocation}/${fossafile} && tar xzf ${fossafile}
&& ./fossa init
&& FOSSA_API_KEY=${fossapush} ./fossa analyze -t kubernetes-ingress -b ${TRAVIS_BRANCH}; fi
&& GO111MODULE=on FOSSA_API_KEY=${fossapush} ./fossa analyze -t kubernetes-ingress -b ${TRAVIS_BRANCH}; fi
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ Read the [documentation](
* The internal code is found at `internal/`
* Build files for Docker and CI are found under `build/`
* Deployment yaml files, and Helm files are found at `deployments/`
* The project dependencies are found at `vendor/`. We use [dep]( for managing dependencies.
* The project dependencies are found at `vendor/`. We use [Go Modules]( for managing dependencies.

## Contributing

@@ -71,4 +71,4 @@ Note: if you’d like to implement a new feature, please consider creating a fea
* Run `gofmt` over your code to automatically resolve a lot of style issues. Most editors support this running automatically when saving a code file.
* Run `go lint` and `go vet` on your code too to catch any other issues.
* Follow this guide on some good practice and idioms for Go -
* To check for extra issues, install [golangci-lint]( and run `make lint` or `golangci-lint run`
* To check for extra issues, install [golangci-lint]( and run `make lint` or `golangci-lint run`

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