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The project includes automated tests for testing the Ingress Controller in a Kubernetes cluster. The tests are written in Python3 and use the pytest framework.

Below you will find the instructions on how to run the tests against a Minikube cluster. However, you are not limited to Minkube and can use other types of Kubernetes clusters. See the Configuring the Tests section to find out about various configuration options.

Running Tests in Minikube


  • Minikube.
  • Python3 or Docker.

Step 1 - Create a Minikube Cluster

$ minikube start

Step 2 - Run the Tests

Note: if you have the Ingress Controller deployed in the cluster, please uninstall it first, making sure to remove its namespace and RBAC resources.

Run the tests:

  • Use local Python3 installation:
    $ cd tests
    $ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
    $ python3 -m pytest --node-ip=$(minikube ip)
  • Use Docker:
    $ cd tests
    $ make build
    $ make run-tests NODE_IP=$(minikube ip)

The tests will use the Ingress Controller for NGINX with the default nginx/nginx-ingress:edge image. See the section below to learn how to configure the tests including the image and the type of NGINX -- NGINX or NGINX Plus.

Configuring the Tests

The table below shows various configuration options for the tests. If you use Python3 to run the tests, use the command-line arguments. If you use Docker, use the Makefile variables.

Command-line Argument Makefile Variable Description Default
--context CONTEXT The context to use in the kubeconfig file. ""
--image BUILD_IMAGE The Ingress Controller image. nginx/nginx-ingress:edge
--image-pull-policy PULL_POLICY The pull policy of the Ingress Controller image. IfNotPresent
--deployment-type DEPLOYMENT_TYPE The type of the IC deployment: deployment or daemon-set. deployment
--ic-type IC_TYPE The type of the Ingress Controller: nginx-ingress or nginx-ingress-plus. nginx-ingress
--service SERVICE The type of the Ingress Controller service: nodeport or loadbalancer. nodeport
--node-ip NODE_IP The public IP of a cluster node. Not required if you use the loadbalancer service (see --service argument). ""
--kubeconfig N/A An absolute path to a kubeconfig file. ~/.kube/config or the value of the KUBECONFIG env variable
N/A KUBE_CONFIG_FOLDER A path to a folder with a kubeconfig file. ~/.kube/
--show-ic-logs SHOW_IC_LOGS A flag to control accumulating IC logs in stdout. no
N/A PYTEST_ARGS Any additional pytest command-line arguments (i.e -m "smoke") ""

If you would like to use an IDE (such as PyCharm) to run the tests, use the pytest.ini file to set the command-line arguments.

Tests are marked with custom markers. The markers allow to logically split all the tests into smaller groups. The full list can be found in the pytest.ini file or via command line:

$ python3 -m pytest --markers
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