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ngIRCd - Next Generation IRC Server
(c)2001-2015 Alexander Barton and Contributors.
ngIRCd is free software and published under the
terms of the GNU General Public License.
-- Contributing.txt --
If you want to contribute to ngIRCd, please read the following paragraphs to
get an idea of how to do it the best :-)
- Use GIT
The source code of ngIRCd is maintained using GIT, see doc/GIT.txt. So if
remotely possible, use GIT for your work, too. It makes your and our lives
much easier ;-)
- Don't forget to include documentation
When adding features and new configuration options, don't forget to not
only code the features but to describe them in doc/sample-ngircd.conf,
man/ngircd.8.tmp and/or man/ngircd.conf.5.tmpl as well!
- Be present on IRC
If you intend to code some new features or do some code cleanups or better
documentation, please be present on <irc://> and
discuss your plans early! So other developers have an idea on what others
are working on, can offer help, and can synchronize their own work.
- Check and validate your work!
Use "make check" to validate your work, and use "make distcheck" to
validate the resulting archives, especially when adding/removing files!
- Send patches in "unified diff" format
Please send patches in "unified" format, that is, use "diff -u".
Or even better: use GIT ("git diff"), see above.
- Send patches to the mailing list
If you have some code to present, send the patch(es) and/or pointers to
your GIT repository to the official ngIRCd mailing list for review, not
only to #ngircd: so it becomes archived and more people have a chance to
review your patch.
Sure it is a good idea to post some notes to #ngircd, too! :-)
And this is open source, your work must not be 100% finished and perfect,
work in progress is interesting, too: "release early, release often"!
- Use GitHub to create "Pull Requests"
ngIRCd is hosted on GitHub (<>), so please use the
tools available there and open issues (comment!) and create pull requests!
See <> for details.