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ngIRCd - Next Generation IRC Server
(c)2001-2005 Alexander Barton,,
ngIRCd is free software and published under the
terms of the GNU General Public License.
-- README-AUX.txt --
Since version 0.2.2-pre Apple's A/UX belongs to the officially supported
platforms. It is not restricted in any way.
Since version 0.5.0 ngIRCd's source compiles with the native A/UX c
compiler. GNU C isn't a must-have anymore.
The following software packages are needed:
- GNU sed
A/UX comes with /bin/sed which isn't supporting all functions needed
by GNU automake/autoconf.
Warning: When installing GNU sed please make sure that A/UX doesn't
use the old one anymore which means set the $PATH or replace /bin/sed
at all.
- libUTIL.a
This library contains functions that are common on other UNIX
systems but not on A/UX e.g. memmove(), strerror() and strdup().
After installation of these packages just do a "./configure" and "make" to
compile ngIRCd on A/UX.
A few hints in case of errors:
- Either there's an 'install' on your system which is completely broken
(so 'configure' uses its own shell script) or use a fully functionable one.
There's at least one binary "out there" causing problems. The one
of the GNU fileutils works fine:
- The precompiled binary of the old 'bash' shouldn't be installed within
/bin (better do this in /usr/local/bin) because 'configure' would
choose it as its shell which wouldn't work.
- Because of limitations of /bin/sh on A/UX it can't be used to create
the 'config.status' script. Better rename /bin/sh to /bin/sh.AUX and
replace it by a symbolic link to /bin/ksh (ln -s /bin/ksh /bin/sh as
These procedure shouldn't cause you into problems and is recommended
even if you don't use ngIRCd.
$Id: README-AUX.txt,v 1.10 2006/07/23 12:19:57 alex Exp $