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HLP-Nebula : a mod repository server for FreeSpace 2 Open (with Knossos as a recommended downloader/installer client)
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HLP-Nebula is a FreeSpace 2 mod repository manager.

This project has two main goals :

  • Provide a simple site where modders can upload their files.
  • Make mod download and installation easier for players.

HLP-Nebula is mostly written in PHP, as a Symfony2 framework bundle.


To run HLP-Nebula, the first thing you need is a working LAMP environment. On Ubuntu, use command :

sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 mysql-server libapache2-mod-php5 php5-mysql php5-gd


  1. If you have not done it yet, download the latest version of HLP-Nebula.

  2. Place the root folder inside your web server's document root.

  3. Rename app/config/parameters.yml.dist to app/config/parameters.yml

  4. Edit app/config/parameters.yml modify it according to your system.

  5. Install Composer

  6. Install the dependencies:

    composer install
  7. Give the web server write access to app/cache, app/logs and web/uploads:

    sudo chown www-data -R app/cache app/logs web/uploads
  8. Fill the database with the necessary tables:

    php app/console doctrine:schema:create

Now you can access the Nebula through the web/app.php file. If you have Apache and mod_rewrite enabled, you should be able to access the web/ folder directly.

Quick start

  1. Create the admin user with:

    php app/console fos:user:create <username> --super-admin
  2. Now you can login and add your mods.

Clients and JSON Specification

The generated JSON data is explained in a post on HLP. That post also contains a list of compatible clients at the bottom.


HLP-Nebula is in active development. It is still missing a lot of features. The official development thread is found on Hard Light Productions, a FreeSpace 2 community.


HLP-Nebula is licensed under the European Union Public License, Version 1.1. Symfony is licensed under the MIT License.

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