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Building instructions

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If you run into problems while following these directions, please report it.


  • You need to install the dependencies first. Please add your distribution, if it isn't on this list.
    • ArchLinux: pacman -S --needed ninja python python-{pyqt5,six,requests,requests-toolbelt,raven,ply} sdl2 openal p7zip qt5-webchannel qt5-webengine and the python-semantic-version package from the AUR
  • If you haven't done so already, download the source code: git clone
  • Run python to check the dependencies. If this reports any errors, you have to correct them before continuing.
  • Finally run ninja run to compile & run Knossos.


  • Install Python
  • Open a cmd shell in the source code directory and run the following commands:
    # Update pip since the Python installer doesn't always install the most recent version
    py -mpip install -U pip
    # Install the Python dependencies
    py -mpip install PyQt5 six requests requests_toolbelt ply semantic_version pypiwin32 raven comtypes etaprogress
    # Download the remaining dependencies
    py tools\common\ releng\windows\support\support.json
    # Install the JS dependencies
    releng\windows\support\npm install
  • From now on you should be able to launch Knossos using the windows_run.bat file.


These instructions should work but I haven't tested them (yet).

  • Install Homebrew
  • Run the following commands:
    # Install a recent python version and all non-python dependencies
    brew install python3 pyqt5 sdl2 p7zip ninja node
    # Install the python dependencies
    pip3 install six requests semantic_version requests_toolbelt ply raven
    npm install
    PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/opt/qt5/bin" python3
    ninja run
  • You should now have a running instance of Knossos. To compile and run it again, you'll have to run ninja run again.

General instructions

Use these if your OS is not listed.

You need

  • Python (either > 2.7 or > 3.2)
  • libSDL2
  • OpenAL (either OpenAL Soft or Creative's OpenAL32.dll)
  • 7-Zip
  • Ninja
  • Node.js

And these Python modules: PyQt5, six, requests, requests_toolbelt, ply, semantic_version
If you install the raven module, Knossos will also be able to automatically report errors.

Once you have everything setup, run npm install and python in the base directory. If it completes successfully, you can use ninja run to compile and run Knossos.

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