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ngless "0.0"
import "motus" version "0.1"
input = paired('input.1.fq.gz', 'input.2.fq.gz')
preprocess(input, keep_singles=False) using |read|:
read = substrim(read, min_quality=25)
if len(read) < 45:
mapped = map(input, reference='hg19')
mapped = select(mapped) using |mr|:
mr = mr.filter(min_match_size=45, min_identity_pc=90, action={unmatch})
if mr.flag({mapped}):
mapped = map(as_reads(mapped), reference='motus', mode_all=True)
mapped = select(mapped) using |mread|:
mread = mread.filter(min_identity_pc=97, min_match_size=45)
counted = count(mapped, features=['gene'], multiple={dist1})
write(motus(counted), ofile='motus-counts.txt')
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