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package falcore
import (
// Filter incomming requests and optionally return a response or nil.
// Filters are chained together into a flow (the Pipeline) which will terminate
// if the Filter returns a response.
type RequestFilter interface {
FilterRequest(req *Request) *http.Response
// Helper to create a Filter by just passing in a func
// filter = NewRequestFilter(func(req *Request) *http.Response {
// req.Headers.Add("X-Falcore", "is_cool")
// return
// })
func NewRequestFilter(f func(req *Request) *http.Response) RequestFilter {
rf := new(genericRequestFilter)
rf.f = f
return rf
type genericRequestFilter struct {
f func(req *Request) *http.Response
func (f *genericRequestFilter) FilterRequest(req *Request) *http.Response {
return f.f(req)
// Filter outgoing responses. This can be used to modify the response
// before it is sent. Modifying the request at this point will have no
// effect.
type ResponseFilter interface {
FilterResponse(req *Request, res *http.Response)
// Helper to create a Filter by just passing in a func
// filter = NewResponseFilter(func(req *Request, res *http.Response) {
// // some crazy response magic
// return
// })
func NewResponseFilter(f func(req *Request, res *http.Response)) ResponseFilter {
rf := new(genericResponseFilter)
rf.f = f
return rf
type genericResponseFilter struct {
f func(req *Request, res *http.Response)
func (f *genericResponseFilter) FilterResponse(req *Request, res *http.Response) {
f.f(req, res)
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