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package falcore
import (
// I really want to use log4go... but i need to support falling back to standard (shitty) logger :(
// I suggest using go-timber for the real logger
type Logger interface {
// Matches the log4go interface
Finest(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{})
Fine(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{})
Debug(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{})
Trace(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{})
Info(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{})
Warn(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) error
Error(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) error
Critical(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) error
var logger Logger = NewStdLibLogger()
func SetLogger(newLogger Logger) {
logger = newLogger
// Helper for calculating times
func TimeDiff(startTime time.Time, endTime time.Time) float32 {
return float32(endTime.Sub(startTime)) / 1.0e9
// Global Logging
func Finest(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) {
logger.Finest(arg0, args...)
func Fine(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) {
logger.Fine(arg0, args...)
func Debug(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) {
logger.Debug(arg0, args...)
func Trace(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) {
logger.Trace(arg0, args...)
func Info(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) {
logger.Info(arg0, args...)
func Warn(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) error {
return logger.Warn(arg0, args...)
func Error(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) error {
return logger.Error(arg0, args...)
func Critical(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) error {
return logger.Critical(arg0, args...)
// This is a simple Logger implementation that
// uses the go log package for output. It's not
// really meant for production use since it isn't
// very configurable. It is a sane default alternative
// that allows us to not have any external dependencies.
// Use timber or log4go as a real alternative.
type StdLibLogger struct{}
func NewStdLibLogger() Logger {
return new(StdLibLogger)
type level int
const (
FINEST level = iota
var (
levelStrings = [...]string{"[FNST]", "[FINE]", "[DEBG]", "[TRAC]", "[INFO]", "[WARN]", "[EROR]", "[CRIT]"}
func (fl StdLibLogger) Finest(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) {
fl.Log(FINEST, arg0, args...)
func (fl StdLibLogger) Fine(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) {
fl.Log(FINE, arg0, args...)
func (fl StdLibLogger) Debug(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) {
fl.Log(DEBUG, arg0, args...)
func (fl StdLibLogger) Trace(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) {
fl.Log(TRACE, arg0, args...)
func (fl StdLibLogger) Info(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) {
fl.Log(INFO, arg0, args...)
func (fl StdLibLogger) Warn(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) error {
return fl.Log(WARNING, arg0, args...)
func (fl StdLibLogger) Error(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) error {
return fl.Log(ERROR, arg0, args...)
func (fl StdLibLogger) Critical(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) error {
return fl.Log(CRITICAL, arg0, args...)
func (fl StdLibLogger) Log(lvl level, arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) (e error) {
defer func() {
if x := recover(); x != nil {
var ok bool
if e, ok = x.(error); ok {
e = errors.New("Um... barf")
switch first := arg0.(type) {
case string:
// Use the string as a format string
argsNew := append([]interface{}{levelStrings[lvl]}, args...)
log.Printf("%s "+first, argsNew...)
case func() string:
// Log the closure (no other arguments used)
argsNew := append([]interface{}{levelStrings[lvl]}, first())
// Build a format string so that it will be similar to Sprint
argsNew := append([]interface{}{levelStrings[lvl]}, args...)
return nil