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The internationalization (i18n) library for Angular

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Transloco allows you to define translations for your content in different languages and switch between them easily in runtime. It exposes a rich API to manage translations efficiently and cleanly. It provides multiple plugins that will improve your development experience. Here is a small taste of the features it offers:

βœ… Β Clean and DRY templates
βœ… Β Support for Lazy Load
βœ… Β Support for Multiple Languages Simultaneously
βœ… Β Support for Multiple Fallbacks
βœ… Β Support for Testing
βœ… Β Support for SSR
βœ… Β Support for L10N
βœ… Β Rich Plugins
βœ… Β Hackable
βœ… Β Schematics

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Netanel Basal

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Shahar Kazaz

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