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A simple service provider to log all database queries into a file
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Laravel Query Logger

A simple service provider to log all database queries into a file for Laravel framework

This package supports Laravel 5.0 and newer versions.

You can also use this package with Lumen.


Import package using composer:

composer require ngoctp/laravel-query-logger --dev

Add service to Laravel >=5.5

There's nothing to do with Laravel 5.5, it's automatically imported by extra field defined in composer.json

Add service to Laravel <5.5

Put ServiceProvider to providers list in config/app.php file.

It's the best to place before AppServiceProvider to log all queries from beginning.


Publish configuration file using command:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="NgocTP\QueryLogger\ServiceProvider"

Add service to Lumen

If you're using Lumen, add below line to bootstrap/app.php file


Display queries

After installed successfully, you can open terminal and use tail command to display queries realtime to console

tail -f storage/logs/query_logger.log

That's all, thank you for using

Happy coding :)

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