A PowerDNS web interface with advanced features
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A PowerDNS web interface with advanced features. Build Status


  • Multiple domain management
  • Domain template
  • User management
  • User access management based on domain
  • User activity logging
  • Local DB / SAML / LDAP / Active Directory user authentication
  • Google oauth authentication
  • Github oauth authentication
  • Support Two-factor authentication (TOTP)
  • Dashboard and pdns service statistics
  • DynDNS 2 protocol support
  • Edit IPv6 PTRs using IPv6 addresses directly (no more editing of literal addresses!)

Running PowerDNS-Admin

There are several ways to run PowerDNS-Admin. Following is a simple way to start PowerDNS-Admin with docker in development environment which has PowerDNS-Admin, PowerDNS server and MySQL Back-End Database.

Step 1: Changing configuration

The configuration file for developement environment is located at configs/development.py, you can override some configs by editing .env file.

Step 2: Build docker images

$ docker-compose build

Step 3: Start docker containers

$ docker-compose up

You can now access PowerDNS-Admin at url http://localhost:9191

NOTE: For other methods to run PowerDNS-Admin, please take look at WIKI pages.