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I woke up this Friday morning with a completely strained neck, unable to move
-or tighten the muscles or else pain. But thermal patch and ibuprofen and it was
-as good as moderately strained. Today, I gave my 30-day notice to my NW
-Portland apartment with plans to move to Corvallis for a couple of months where
-I plan on checking out at the [Black Diamond Poker
-Club]( But tonight, I had to ignore my neck and
-the move and focus on [Final Table's]( $5000
-guarantee. Out of 95 people, I made it to the final 7 where we negotiated a
-seven way chop for $1064 each. The game ran from 7pm until the dark dredges of
+or tighten the muscles or else pain. But thermal patch (that resembled a
+Maxipad for the neck) and ibuprofen and it was as good as moderately strained.
+Today, I gave my 30-day notice to my NW Portland apartment with plans to move
+to Corvallis for a couple of months where I plan on checking out at the [Black
+Diamond Poker Club]( But tonight, I had to ignore
+my neck and the move and focus on [Final Table's](
+$5000 guarantee. Out of 95 people, I made it to the final 7 where we negotiated
+a seven way chop for $1064 each. The game ran from 7pm until the dark dredges
+of 4am.
@@ -58,15 +58,17 @@ I went to the final table at around 3am with an average stack. I made a couple
of moves here and there but I tightened up to watch the shortstacks bust. After
3 people knocked out, at 4am, and with the huge blinds (chip leader had 12 big
blinds), we agreed on an even seven-way chop so we could all go home and sleep.
-Pretty good deal for me, I was **the** shortstack at the table! Though I could
-have done damage to anyone.
+First place would have paid $2810, second at $1660. Pretty good deal for me, I
+was **the** shortstack at the table! Though I could have done damage to anyone.
Leading to my biggest cash so far of $1064 with $80 invested. Learned to tip
the dealers 7% when cashing big. Everyone walked away with smiles. I went home
with my mom still awake at 4am, and then I could finally eat dinner.
## Session Conclusions
- **Went Well:** less cbet bluffs and stabs, some good value bets, rarely needed to flip or showdown
- **Mistakes:** a bit too much slowplay sometimes (top set on a AQx two-tone board), not enough slowplay sometimes (top pair in the late tournament where I raised and folded out a top pair smaller kicker on the flop)
- **Get Better At**: slowing down and running through the questions before making decisions (what's their range? if I bet, what calls and what folds?)
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+title: "Poker Session #13 - Crush the Freeroll"
+type: blog
+category: blog
+date: 2014-03-01
+slug: poker14
+tags: poker
+ url:
+ caption: Final Table turbo freerolls are easy target.
+Some money to throw around and a Saturday to kill after a [$1064
+finish](/blog/poker13) on Friday night. Unfortunately, after getting home at
+4am, I was not able to wake up for my favorite 11am freeroll. Getting up at 1pm
+though was good enough. I again took first place in the $960-pot freeroll for a
+$360 finish. Looking back on my stats over six freeroll tournaments, I have a
+**740% ROI** ($150 to earn $1260).
+## The Juiciness of the Final Table Freerolls
+Crushing the freerolls.
+- 1/25/14: 1st for $355
+- 1/25/14: 1st for $235
+- 2/02/01: Bust for $0 (straight over straight cooler)
+- 2/22/14: Three way chop for $220
+- 2/22/14: 3rd for $90
+- 3/01/14: 1st for $360
+A freeroll is a tournament where the buyin is free and the house guarantees
+(spots) the prize pool. At the Final Table, they spot $300. Though players put
+in enough money through rebuys and addons such that the prize pool is no longer
+guaranteed by the house but by the players.
+The concept of a **free**roll and house guarantee allures other players to come
+play wild and loose, *"my buyin is free, and rebuys are only $15!"*. Rather
+than thinking the tourney is free, it is advantageous to pay for a full stack
+to maximize the ability to win large pots from players that come on top of the
+early stage donkfest. I just think of it as a $30 turbo ($15 pre-addon, $15
+addon) against shortstacks. A turbo tournament is a game in which the blinds
+raise a very quick pace (every 12 minutes).
+Why are these freerolls so easy? Players are very loose since it's a freeroll.
+Limping, chasing, shoving preflop with marginal hands. There is a donkfest at
+the beginning where some players come out with a large stack, and it is easy to
+longball for a good stack yourself. But ironically the key to winning these
+freerolls is not winning huge pots, but rather stack awareness.
+### Stack Awareness
+Leading us to the second reason, that other players do not have stack awareness
+during these turbos. Players do not adjust to the large blinds and think of
+their stack in an absolute rather than a relative perspective. A player with a
+chip lead might think they are healthy because they have more chips than
+everyone else, but if the blinds are high relative to their stack, they
+actually should be feeling desparate and be making moves.
+Winning these freerolls are all about recognizing your "M-ratio", or the number
+of rounds you can survive before being blinded out. Once my M-ratio falls below
+6, which happens pretty quickly to everyone, I make a lot of moves. I shove
+wide into unopened or limped pots in late position to pick up the dead money,
+and if I am called I still have a chance to win. It is about combining fold
+equity with pot equity to steal tons of blinds to quickly replenish and build a
+stack. Each successful steal can increase your stack by 20%. In the off-chance
+you get called, your cards are still live.
+Last but not least, I have reads on several players that frequent the weekends
+that give me information in determining the timing of my pushes.
+## 5pm $300 Freeroll - 1st Place for $360
+At the final table, a guy named loose-passive Asian gambler named Raj was on my
+immediate left. We went at it a lot in blind vs blind battles. I had earlier
+shoved his limp with T8s to double up. He limped into my BB, I shove, he
+folded. I win a three-way all-in after shoving with K3o for king high.
+Raj min-raises my BB, and stop-and-go'ed a 774 flop with 26s. An messy lookin'
+obnoxious middle-aged woman (call her Hags) *intelligently* remarked, *"hey, if
+you shoved preflop, he would have folded!"*. No shit, Sherlock, I will remember
+to soulread his cards from now on. Thankfully, she busted out soon after.
+We went to break with four players left. I was the shortest stack, but with
+these blinds, stack size did not matter. I came back from the break aggressive
+and firing, going all-in four hands in a row. Players were way too tight, and
+with the steals, I commanded the chip lead. I lost a flip a soon after to
+become short stack again, but kept up the aggression and stole more pots.
+Raj limped into my BB, I shove with KK, he calls with ATo to bust. He probably
+should have accepted the chop were negotiating earlier. It was down to heads up
+with me and an old Viet-looking guy (call him Phet). He was very short stacked.
+I tell him *"I'm probably going to shove with my next hand with any two
+cards"*. I shove with A6o, and it holds against QTo to win the tournament.
+I remember to tip the dealers well with this time, 11%.
+## 3pm $25 Freezeout - Busted
+It was fun and games at this table. Unfortunately, I lost a AK vs TT flip, and
+did a loose isolation to get it all in against two players with an open-ended
+straight draw and overcard. Hags kept talking obnoxiously to me about hands I
+really couldn't care about if I tried. I hate single-table SNGs and without the
+guarantee, the prize pool was as weak as Monday to Friday.
+## Session Conclusions
+- **Went Well:** final table and shove-fold play
+- **Mistakes:** a bit of a spew after losing a flip and making too loose of an iso with A4o
+- **Get Better At**: determining who, when, and with what to iso. Think about making a notebook
+on player profiles since I regularly play the same faces
+- **Profit**: +$305

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