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+title: "Poker Session #13 - Suck Out"
+type: blog
+category: blog
+date: 2014-02-26
+slug: poker12
+tags: poker
+ url:
+ caption: Boo-dha variance.
+Played at the Encore after work. The 6pm $500 guaranteed. I like to play 30-man
+SNGs but unfortunately only 14 showed up that night. Single table SNGs aren't
+my strong suit as only 3 places pay out, and bubble play becomes tighter. I
+love aggressive bubble play, but there's little place for that here. Towards
+the end, I got it in two times in a row a 9:1 favorite and got sucked out on
+both times. 7th place sadness.
+Some older guy asked whether or not I dyed my hair and joked he would like to
+change to my style.
+## Session Conclusions
+AA vs 58o on a 234 board, AQ vs QT preflop are no good.
+- **Went Well:** thinking about good flops to check back (KQ on a AKx board)
+- **Mistakes:** got a bit spewy after the suck outs and tried to punish + bluff OOP too large
+- **Get Better At**: less results-oriented thinking, thicker skin
+- **Profit**: -$60

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