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+title: "Poker Session #13 - Seven Way Chop for $1064"
+type: blog
+category: blog
+date: 2014-02-28
+slug: poker13
+tags: poker
+ url:
+ caption: Some chips and a smile.
+I woke up this Friday morning with a completely strained neck, unable to move
+or tighten the muscles or else pain. But thermal patch and ibuprofen and it was
+as good as moderately strained. Today, I gave my 30-day notice to my NW
+Portland apartment with plans to move to Corvallis for a couple of months where
+I plan on checking out at the [Black Diamond Poker
+Club]( But tonight, I had to ignore my neck and
+the move and focus on [Final Table's]( $5000
+guarantee. Out of 95 people, I made it to the final 7 where we negotiated a
+seven way chop for $1064 each. The game ran from 7pm until the dark dredges of
+Coincidentally on the bus ride to the club, I met another poker player headed
+to the Aces Players Club, and we just talked poker. He had seen me reading
+my poker book. Having Full Tilt recently refund my poker balance also made for
+a good starter.
+## 6pm $5000 Guaranteed - Seven Way Chop for $1064
+Friday night is one of the biggest, and most profitable, times to play
+Portland. The Portland poker scene is active, and it just comes alive after a
+long week of work for many. I had played at Encore's Friday night big game but
+didn't make it too far so I was counting on Final Table's weaker field. With 95
+entrants including all the rebuys and addons, the prize pool went up over
+For the first few hours, I played mostly flawless ABC poker. I value bet
+successfully when I was ahead (such as triple barrelling JJ on a low board). I
+also found myself taking less spewy stabs in multiway pots now.
+Midway into the tournament, my stack size was dwindling relative to the blinds
+so I started to make shove moves to replenish the stack. I was looking to make
+a move for several rounds but found few good spots. Because it took me a while
+to find my spot, I actually got someone to fold AQ with my CO shove with A5!
+That had actually happened several times, and it's amazing how much respect I
+can get sometimes on the table when my shove range is so ridiculously wide.
+When it came to the bubble, the game really slowed down. Though I played
+aggressively enough on the bubble to build up a good stack. There was a 26-year
+old Viet guy who owned an auto body shop that gave me some troubles when he
+flatted my raises making me play postflop out of position. But I elected to
+play weak-tight postflop which minimized my losses.
+I went to the final table at around 3am with an average stack. I made a couple
+of moves here and there but I tightened up to watch the shortstacks bust. After
+3 people knocked out, at 4am, and with the huge blinds (chip leader had 12 big
+blinds), we agreed on an even seven-way chop so we could all go home and sleep.
+Pretty good deal for me, I was **the** shortstack at the table! Though I could
+have done damage to anyone.
+Leading to my biggest cash so far of $1064 with $80 invested. Learned to tip
+the dealers 7% when cashing big. Everyone walked away with smiles. I went home
+with my mom still awake at 4am, and then I could finally eat dinner.
+## Session Conclusions
+- **Went Well:** less cbet bluffs and stabs, some good value bets, rarely needed to flip or showdown
+- **Mistakes:** a bit too much slowplay sometimes (top set on a AQx two-tone board), not enough slowplay sometimes (top pair in the late tournament where I raised and folded out a top pair smaller kicker on the flop)
+- **Get Better At**: slowing down and running through the questions before making decisions (what's their range? if I bet, what calls and what folds?)
+- **Profit**: +$984
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