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#How to Maintain this Site


  • Ask for access to aiaawww on
  • Make a github account.
  • Fork the repository on
  • ssh to
  • Enter ssh-keygen, press enter all the way through, copy the contents of .ssh/ to your Github SSH keys.
  • git clone --recursive git@github:[YOURGITHUB]/osuaiaa
  • Enter osuaiaa/ to deploy website

This guide was written to help Windows users update a website running on a web server. If you have any Linux users in your club, now's a good time to ask because they can be your go-to person.

No HTML or CSS knowledge is needed to maintain this site, only the ability to edit files on the command-line and upload pictures. To update the site, you have to connect to the webserver with Putty and edit the files with nano

This method involves just the tiniest bit of working on the command-line. But don't worry, it's been set up to be as easy as possible. First let's connect to the server.

  • Download Putty
  • Run Putty and type into the Host Name textbox and click Open.
  • Type in your ENGR password and press Enter.

##Basic Commands

Below are commands I have set up for you to make it easy. When doing the edit and new commands, it'll drop you into a text editor. I'll explain how to use the text editor, nano, below.

Below are some basic Linux commands you might want to know.

  • ls: list files and folders in the current folder
  • cd folder: go to a folder
  • cp file newcopiedfile: copy (and paste) file and call it copiedfile
  • mv oldfile newfile: rename oldfile to newfile or move oldfile to a folder called newfile
  • rm file: remove a file
  • rm -rf folder: remove a folder
  • mk: remove a folder

##Nano, the Text Editor

Nano is a text editor like Notepad, but in a command-line.

  • Use the arrow keys to move around and type to insert stuff.
  • Press Ctrl-O and Enter to save a file.
  • Press Ctrl-X to exit a file.

##Where the Stuff You Need to Edit Are

In the osuaiaa folder, the only folder you should worry about is the content folder. Below are descriptions about files and folders within the content folder.

content folder:

....about.mkd - stuff in the about page - stuff above officer info - folder containing event pages

........20121201_example_event.mkd - an example event page

....home.mkd - stuff in the home page - folder containing album descriptions

........20121201_example_album.mkd - tells the site about an album

....people - folder containing officer information

........president.mkd - stuff about an officer

....projects - folder containing project pages

........20121201_example_project.mkd - an example project

##Example: Adding a New Event

Look at the other event pages and use them as a template. A good way is to copy another event to a new file, open it, and fill in the new event details.

  • Change the title from "Example Event" to your event title.
  • Change the slug, which will be in the URL (slug "example" =>
  • Change the preview giving a short description of the event.
  • Change the datetime to when the event will be.
  • Change the location from "Example Building" to the building.
  • If you have an image, change the url to either an image you uploaded (/img/yourimage.png) or to the link you uploaded it to (

Below the --- lines is the body of your event. This is what will be shown in the meat of the page. Add your event description here.

For adding a project or updating an officer's information, the process is mostly the same.

##Creating a New Album

IMPORTANT: the slug field at the top of the album file must match the name of the folder you create with mkdir below.

  • Enter in newalbum to the command-line.
  • Fill out information about the album at the top.
  • Change slug to your_album_name (no spaces)
  • Enter in mkdir ~/osuaiaa/img/gallery/your_album_name (no spaces)
  • Follow the steps below to upload images to the album.
  • Push the site.

##Uploading Images to the Site and to an Album

Let's start with how to upload images from your computer to the webserver. You'll probably be uploading an image for an event, or for an album in the gallery. We'll cover both ways.

  • Download winscp and run.
  • From the file protocol dropdown, choose SCP.
  • Enter as the Host name, osuaiaa as the User name and the password. Click Login.
  • On the right side, we want to be putting images in the osuaiaa/img folder. If you're putting an image into album, put it in osuaiaa/media/img/gallery/[your_album_name]/ folder.
  • Drag-and-drop to upload.

If you're uploading images for an event or project page, put it in the osuaiaa/img folder and then you can reference from within the files within content folders as /img/your_image_name.jpg


This site runs on wok. Wok has some documentation to answer any questions this guide does not cover. Wok is a static webpage generator. We put all of our stuff into files (like .txt files) and then the program reads these files, and spits out the generated webpages. Since static webpage generators were meant to be used by tech-saavy users, there is no web interface to add content to the site.

Join #osu-lug or #wok on on irc for help.

#Other Resources

Linux Command Line Tutorial

Git Tutorial