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branch: error_handling
Commits on Nov 6, 2011
  1. cleaned up uberj's code. created an explicit main function. added fea…

    …ture to scrape soundcloud links from any page and download all at once
  2. @uberj
  3. @uberj

    Removed retry attemps from open_url. It made more sense to have one c…

    uberj authored
    …entralized place where retry logic was being applied.
  4. @uberj

    Reworked how I implimented the error checking that was removed. There…

    uberj authored
    … are two places where retry-logic needs to be. 1) First when you get the html (which might not be html), and 2) where you try to get the stream token.
    This is still kind of a hack, but it works. I'm not sure if this is the best way to do it.
  5. @uberj

    Re-introduced a whole bunch of error handling code. This is important…

    uberj authored
    …, go ahead and change stuff, but please make sure errors are *still* handled after things get shifted around.
  6. @uberj

    Carpet bombing exception handling is bad. You don't know if you have …

    uberj authored
    …run into a different error.
    It's not a good idea to exit while in a function. Return error values and exit out of main, or some other "main"ish place. Functions should mutate data. They should not kill the program 2 stacks deep.
    Also, where did the retry logic go?
  7. @uberj
  8. cleaned up the code, fixed typos, made sane default, and use random f…

    …ile names only if it can't fetch title
  9. @uberj

    Added random name generator. This will be usefull if you want random …

    uberj authored
    …names... or if fetching the name fails.
  10. @uberj


    uberj authored
    * added *.mp3 to ignore file.
    * added the -u option that changes all spaces to underscores
    * added retry logic
        + the retry logic should probably end up in a function somewhere
    * Handled 404 errors in open_url
    * Introduced a MAX_NUMBER_OF_TRIES constant. (Should this be a passed in option?)
  11. merge

  12. Adding logic to deal with different options

    David authored
  13. Adding a readme

    David authored
  14. Refactoring for reability

    David authored
  15. Getting song title too

    David authored
Commits on Nov 5, 2011
  1. Merge pull request #1 from uberj/patch-1

    uberj's typo fix
  2. @uberj

    Add me as a contributer?

    uberj authored
  3. finish. now successfully downloads .mp3 files and saves it to file. n…

    …eed to regex out title of song. (with much help from thedjpetersen and uberj
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