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import web
import hashlib
import user
# Go to http://localhost:5984/_utils to create the databases.
# Change the names as needed.
user_dbname = 'demo_user'
urls = (
'/(.*)/', 'Redirect',
'/new', 'NewInstance',
'/admin', 'Admin',
'/', 'NewInstance'
app = web.application(urls, globals())
render = web.template.render('static')
class Admin:
def GET(self):
return "administration page"
class NewInstance:
def GET(self):
return render.superuser()
def POST(self):
input = web.input()
user.create(user_dbname, 'root', \
hashlib.sha256(input.password1).hexdigest(), type='superuser')
raise web.seeother('/')
class Redirect:
def GET(self, path):
web.seeother('/' + path)
class Login:
def GET(self):
return render.login()
if __name__ == '__main__':