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This project provides a toolbox of utilities and tests for standards-compliant Java portlet containers.

Maven Profiles

The parent-most pom contains Maven profiles for Liferay and Pluto:


mvn -P pluto clean install

mvn -P liferay clean install liferay:deploy

In order to use these profiles, the PORTLETBOX_HOME environment variable must point to a folder that contains extracted versions of portal products. For example, if PORTLETBOX_HOME=/Users/myusername/portletbox then the following folder paths would be expected by the Maven profiles:




  • If you haven't done so already, create an account at GitHub

  • Visit the following page with your browser and fork the portletbox project to your account:

  • Clone the repository to your local hard drive:

      git clone 
      cd portletbox
  • Specify "upstream" as one of your remotes:

      git remote add upstream
  • PLEASE KEEP THE BRANCHES OF YOUR FORK IN SYNC with upstream. For example:

      git pull --rebase upstream master
  • Create a branch with a meaningful name (like an issue identifier), for example:

      git branch PORTLETSPEC3-7
  • Switch to the new branch:

      git checkout PORTLETSPEC3-7
  • Do your development/bugfix work in this branch, commit files, and then push to origin. For example:

      git commit -a
      git push origin PORTLETSPEC3-7

    Note that when you commit, include the issue identifier in the comment. For example: PORTLETSPEC3-7 Added fixes

  • Click on the branch selection menu, and click on the branch (i.e.: PORTLETSPEC3-7)

  • Send a pull request using the button at the GitHub website:

    • Click on the Pull Request button towards the top of the page
    • Make sure the base repo is set to: ngriffin7a/portletbox
    • Make sure the base branch is set to: master
    • Make sure the head repo is set to: yourUserId/portletbox
    • Make sure the head branch is set to: PORTLETSPEC3-7
    • Click on the Send Pull Request button