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A simple Clojure wrapper for the ROME feed parsing and manipulation library. Right now only the wrapper for feed parsing and fetching are implemented.


clj-rome is available as a Maven artifact from Clojars:

[clj-rome "0.4.0"]


;; build-feed will automaticaly dispatch on an xml string, a filepath, a reader or an url
(use 'clj-rome.reader)
(def feed (build-feed "test/clj_rome/test/feeds/lacuisinededoria.xml"))

The return value of build-feed is a lazy structure (see lazymap) recursively translated from Java to Clojure with gavagai. It has keys corresponding to the Java getter methods. If you prefer plain greedy maps, you can use build-feed with an option map:

(def feed (build-feed "test/clj_rome/test/feeds/lacuisinededoria.xml" {:lazy? false}))

There is also a raw? option to get the java SyndFeed object, if you need to modify it.

;; this is equivalent to build-feed with no option
(convert-feed (build-feed "test/clj_rome/test/feeds/lacuisinededoria.xml" {:raw? true}))

Here are some exemples to give you an idea of what is in the feed and each entry:

(keys feed)
=> (:foreign-markup :published-date :entries :preserving-wire-feed?
    :copyright :link :contributors :author :supported-feed-types
    :feed-type :image :language :title :uri :categories :modules
    :interface :links :encoding :authors :title-ex :description

(first (:entries feed))
=> {:enclosures [],
    :foreign-markup [],
    :wire-entry nil,
    :published-date #inst "2011-03-16T06:00:00.000-00:00",
    :link "",
    :contributors [],
    :author "",
    :title "Magret laqué au miel épicé, quenelles de navets jaunes et polenta",
    :uri "ae447456b7dda12824d4e2dbf7e13279",
    :updated-date nil,
    :categories [{:name "Canard", :taxonomy-uri nil}],
    :modules [{:subject nil,
               :creator nil,
               :date #inst "2011-03-16T06:00:00.000-00:00",
               :identifier nil,
               :formats [],
               :subjects [],
               :creators [],
               :types [],
               :contributors [],
               :coverages [],
               :contributor nil,
               :language nil,
               :title nil,
               :uri "",
               :identifiers [],
               :rights nil,
               :rights-list [],
               :coverage nil,
               :type nil,
               :interface com.sun.syndication.feed.module.DCModule,
               :sources [],
               :dates [#inst "2011-03-16T06:00:00.000-00:00"],
               :format nil,
               :publishers [],
               :relations [],
               :descriptions [],
               :languages [],
               :source nil,
               :relation nil,
               :titles [],
               :publisher nil,
               :description nil}],
    :interface com.sun.syndication.feed.synd.SyndEntry,
    :links [],
    :authors [],
    :title-ex {:type nil,
               :interface com.sun.syndication.feed.synd.SyndContent,
               :mode nil,
               :value "Magret laqué au miel épicé, quenelles de navets jaunes et polenta"},
    :description {:type "text/html",
                  :interface com.sun.syndication.feed.synd.SyndContent,
                  :mode nil,
                  :value "<p style=\"text-align: center;\"> <span
                  style=\"font-family: comic sans ms,sans-serif;
                  font-size: 12pt;\">Une recette réalisée par mon mari
                  qui aime de plus en plus la cuisine et me \"voler\"
                  la place derrière les fourneaux !</span></p>"},
    :contents []}

If you need to use the wrapper for the ROME fetcher, it is packaged separately as clj-rome-fetcher. You can find it on Github.

For more documentation on ROME, see the ROME javadocs.


Copyright (C) 2012, 2013 Nils Grunwald

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.