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lib trial by BLAST
.gitignore trial by BLAST
README.txt first commit
genes.gff data for istvantheterrible
ngs-00-update-notebooks.ipynb removed now-unnecessary run/reboot
ngs-01-install-dropbox.ipynb dropbox install
ngs-02-install-screed.ipynb updated for day3 python and screed
ngs-03-install-khmer.ipynb initial velvet stuff
ngs-10-blast.ipynb updated
ngs-11-python-and-graphing.ipynb cleared output
ngs-12-python-rundown.ipynb python intro notebook
ngs-31-python-and-short-reads.ipynb updated with dros download & indexing instructions
ngs-41-velvet-genome-assembly.ipynb initial velvet stuff
ngs-42-oases-mRNAseq-assembly.ipynb more nbs
ngs-43-trinity-mRNAseq-assembly.ipynb some trinity fixes
ngs-51-gimme-tools.ipynb renamed ngs-gimme-notebook to ngs-51-gimme-tools
ngs-5x-digital-normalization.ipynb diginorm tutorial
ngs-5x-kmer-abundance-distributions-2013.ipynb rename
ngs-61-intro-to-dicts.ipynb dict tutorials
ngs-62-screed-database-as-dict.ipynb dict tutorials
ngs-70-hmp-diginorm.ipynb Added snapshot info
ngs-71-hmp-partition.ipynb added Adina tutorials
reads.bed data for istvantheterrible updated


IPython notebooks for the MSU NGS summer course.


for more information.

C. Titus Brown,
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