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Integrating with XML binding

Templater supports integration with Word XML binding feature, meaning it will resize/replace and bind XML defined in the document. This example shows how to combine Word custom XML feature which is useful for getting feedback through Word (user is sent a databound document and he only inputs few values in the provided custom controls). There are several articles about XML binding feature:

Older versions of Word don't have built in support for editing XML bindings, so an external tool can be used for such purpose:

XML files are stored in customXml folder in the docx zip file.

Resizing/cloning support

When possible (for few simple scenarios) Templater will map provided resizing tags to XML bindings. If they have a shared XML element, that element will be duplicated and bindings updated accordingly.

Replacing bindings

When low level API replace is used, Templater usually replaces just a single tag. Since tags for XML bindings are just a cache replacing a single tag will actually replace all tags with the same binding.

Non bound content control

Content controls can be used without binding with XML in which case they will behave just as any other tag.

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