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Working with C# DataTables, DataSets, DataRelations.

Master-detail can be reproduced by adding relationships between tables.


While Templater can work with navigation an collection properties for master-detail relationships, when DataSet is used tables will also be analyzed by their relationships.

Difference is that for standard example where tags such as

Name: [[Name]]

| Description            |
| [[Items.Description]]  |

on class such as

class Model {
  public string Name;
  public List<Item> Items;

navigation is used, while with relationship top level names are used (as in this example)

As of v2.5.2 multi-level relationships are supported (eg. master-detail-child) and resizing support has been improved (better context detection).

Tag repeating

Templater has several rules for repeating tags:

  • within same repeatable element tag can be used multiple times and will be replaced with same value
  • tag can be repeated multiple times when not used within repeatable element (such as table/list). When tag is used in different repeatable elements and all tags should be replaced with same value :all metadata can be used. Sometimes cloning is required to isolate that specific part of the document

In this example [[ContactName]] is repeated multiple times


Builtin plugin :format(pattern) is used for invoking special .ToString(pattern) method on DateTime.

Zero element collections

Since .NET supports type reification, empty collection can be analyzed and changed accordingly without additional metadata. In this example relationship with 0 elements causes tables to be reduced to 0 rows.

Sometimes the requirements ask for complete removal of table in that case - which can be done using :collapse metadata.


Templater doesn't have coloring API, but to implement coloring you can drop down to XML format and send in appropriate XML. In this case to specify background color for a cell, Word uses properties such as:

    <w:shd w:val="clear" w:color="auto" w:fill="COLOR" />

As of v2.5 Templater can use merge-xml metadata as instruction to merge provided XML to the surrounding context. This way we can "append" color to the appropriate place.

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