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Templater JSON

Command line tool for feeding JSON to Templater.

This example shows how to process JSON data with Templater, also how you could use it in a stand-alone application. This Java application accepts 3 arguments, path to the template, path to the JSON and the output path. If only 1 argument is specified it will assume console input and output to support piping.

Example usage .NET:

  • TemplaterJson.exe benchmark-template.xlsx < benchmark-data.json > benchmark-output.xlsx
  • TemplaterJson.exe beers-template.docx beers-data.json beers-output.docx

Example usage Java:

  • java -jar templater-json.jar benchmark-template.xlsx < benchmark-data.json > benchmark-output.xlsx
  • java -jar templater-json.jar beers-template.docx beers-data.json beers-output.docx
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