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📖 Twine boilerplate for the modern developer.
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Twine Starter Kit

Have you been wanting to start a project with Twine/Twee but just don’t have the time to set up a good dev/build process? Well boy howdy have you come to the right place! This Twine Starter Kit offers everything you need and more, including:

  • Command line compilation courtesy of Tweego
  • ES2015 and PostCSS support
  • Dev server with live reloading
  • Linting tools

I guess that’s it but man does this thing offer all that, you know?

Table of contents

Getting started

First of all, you’ve got to have Tweego installed on your machine—it’s the dark magick that makes a lot of this work.

Once you’ve gotten that taken care of, clone this repo but name it something cooler:

$ git clone roomquest-iv

Now hop on into your new directory and install the project’s JavaScript dependencies:

$ yarn install

npm install works fine too if that’s more your speed.

That’s it! You’re started!


To spin up the dev server, just:

$ yarn start

You should now have a web server serving your game at http://localhost:8080. Cool.


Ready to distribute your game to the ravenous masses?

$ yarn build

This will make a production-ready version of your game in a directory called dist; toss it up on the Internet somewhere. Netlify might be a good choice.


Pull requests are gladly accepted, however this is an admittedly opinionated setup based on my personal preferences. If you’re looking to make big changes to workflow or tooling you should fork the project.

If you do submit a PR, please adhere to the Code of Conduct.


This project is MIT © Nicholas Scheurich. All logos are copyright their respective owners.

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