Support for unlimited audio recording by pressing headset button twice #42

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Added an option to allow for "unlimited" audio recording (well, actually it is limited to a maximum of 10 minutes) by pressing the headset button twice: first to start recording, and second to stop recording. I have tested this option with a real headset, but it should also work with the touch-screen audio note button: when pressed, this button shows up a window that prints the number of seconds of recording, and a "cancel" button. When pressing this cancel button, recording stops - although I'm not sure whether the audio file is deleted or not, I'll check this also.
Anyway, the default length of 2 seconds is preserved, so that users are not surprised by a change in behaviour. I have also seen when looking at the code that there is still much to do about the "audio record" feature: listening to an audio note, deleting an audio file, exporting... I might have a look at all this if you agree, because that's the kind of feature I want to implement anyway for a (future) related project.

xtof and others added some commits May 9, 2014

xtof added the option to record unlimited audio message - press again to s…
…top recording. Seems to work, but can definitely be improved: in particular, by letting the end-beep plays correctly when stoping
xtof test d47b987
@cerisara cerisara go back to the default length of 2 seconds before requesting a merge,…
… so that users are not surprised by a change in default behavior
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