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Advance dev journey with VI
2018-09-30 14:56:00 +0700

I don’t remember correctly when was the first time that I started to learn VI. It may be the time I learnt shell programming at university or the time when I graduated and started to work at FPT-Software in the role of Brew developer (Mobile platform developed by Qualcomm) for Japanese customers, running simulations on Redhat. As far as I remember, at that time VI was just a text editor, no more, no less. Then, Hoa - a close friend working at Fsoft - told me about the amazing things I can do with VI when he worked at HarveyNash.

Recently, I was inspired by some young and talented co-workers like Khoi and Cuong Vuong about how effective VI can help to advanced “Typing at the speed of thought”.

Therefore, I decided to take the chance to learn VI from the beginning in order to have VI at my toolbell to help enjoying my dev journey, which involves a lot of terminal in the world of Cloud Computing and Container, Severless …

Happy learning VI{:class="img-responsive"}

(Updated 08122018) Here is some interesting graph related to vim editor report by triplebyte during their interviews

Editor Usage Rates

Editor Usage Rates{:class="img-responsive"}

Interview Pass Rates

Interview Pass Rates{:class="img-responsive"}

Editor usage by language

Editor usage by language{:class="img-responsive"}