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Learning VIM notes
2018-09-30 17:16:00 +0700

vim = vi improved version

The list of key

Key Description
. Repeat last command
x Delete at cursor
dd Delete line
db Delete from cusor back to begining of word
dw Delete word if cusor at the begining of word
daw Delete a word
yy Copy
p Paste
j Down
k Up
h Left
l Right
b Move to begining of word
$ Move to end of line
^ Move to begining of line
gg Move to begining of file
A Move to end of line and turn to edit mode A = $a
f{char} Search {char}
; Find forward
, Find backward
/pattern Search pattern in file
n Search next pattern in file
N Search previous pattern in file
cW delete word

Insert mode

Key Description
CTRL + h delete one character = backspace
CTRL + w delete one word
CTRL + u delete one line
CTRL + o insert normal mode