A layout ScrollView / ViewController pair that implements iOS5 containment and allows for swiping between multiple top level root view controllers. Implements Android style app navigation on iOS.
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Sample project that explores creating an application that allows swipes between 3 main navigations stacks without use of a TabBar etc. Also shows a floating overlay bar that gives an indication of position in swipe stack.

This controller simulates an android style swipe between top level pages of an app on iOS.


Released under the Modified BSD License.

Pre iOS 5 support

This code all works on and has been tested on at-least 4.3, however there is no official support for UIViewController containment pre iOS5.

This means that there is some unusual behavior when presenting modal views / popovers using the default [self presentModalViewController:animated:] To work around this you must say [appDelegate.layoutScrollViewController presentModalViewController:animated:] Comments to this effect are in place in the code.