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require "bundler/gem_tasks"
desc 'List all defined steps'
task :steps do
require 'hirb'
extend Hirb::Console
puts "CUCUMBER steps:"
puts ""
#step_definition_dir = "features/step_definitions"
step_definition_dir = "."
#step_definition_dir = "/Users/merlin/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p290/gems/aruba-0.4.7/lib/aruba/"
Dir.glob(File.join(step_definition_dir,'**/*.rb')).each do |step_file|
puts "File: #{step_file}"
puts ""
results = [] do |line, number|
next unless line =~ /^\s*(?:Given|When|Then)\s+|\//
res = /(?:Given|When|Then)[\s\(]*\/(.*)\/([imxo]*)[\s\)]*do\s*(?:$|\|(.*)\|)/.match(line)
next unless res
matches = res.captures
results <<
:steps => matches[0],
:modifier => matches[1],
:args => matches[2]
table results, :resize => false, :fields=>[:steps, :modifier, :args]
puts ""
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