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A repository for some throw-away algorithmic code I wrote at some point in my life. Because there's not enough useless stuff on GitHub already.

  • C
    • Parallel merge sort
  • Haskell
    • Calculator for arithmetic expressions with an ad-hoc parser (written in high school; the code is rather ugly)
    • Longest increasing subsequence (using a binary tree instead of an array)
  • OCaml
    • Huffman encoding (also written a very long time ago!)
    • Quadtree-based solution to a Prologin exercise (this is not the intended solution, but it works and its performance is good enough)
    • Cycle decomposition for permutations
    • Exhaustive search in Cantor space ("seemingly impossible functional programs")
  • Ruby
    • Optimal bitonic tour (a classic exercise from CLRS)
    • Maximum antichain in a finite poset (using bipartite maximum matching + Dilworth's theorem), applied to the divisibility order on positive integers
  • Rust (old version, probably not compatible with the current one)
    • Knuth-Morris-Pratt string matching
    • Manacher's algorithm for the longest palindromic substring problem (with QuickCheck tests)


Some algorithms I wrote



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