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[KUAL Extension] HTTP-based file browser

Author: ngxson

I use my Kindle Paperwhite 3 everyday for my studies at university. However, it's quite inconvenient to copy documents, specially PDFs into the kindle, because most of the time, I don't bring my laptop or a micro USB cable with me.

After a quick search for standalone HTTP-based file manager, I luckily found , which is an open-source option. They are also very nice to have the prebuilt binary for ARMv7 so that I can write some code to implement it into KUAL.

Link to download KUAL extension (you just need to extract and place it under /extensions folder):

Make sure that you also have kterm on KUAL

How to use

  • Connect your kindle to wifi
  • Open KUAL > HTTP File Server > Start Server
  • Access kindle's IP address from a browser on your laptop/PC/Mobile/...
  • The default username/password is admin/admin. You can change it by going to "Settings" section on web interface.


  • Show IP address
  • Ability run on the background


  • This extension has only been tested on PW3. However, it should work on all other models that have an ARMv7 processor.
  • To reset password: delete filebrowser.db under /extensions/filebrowser folder

Please feel free to make PRs on github!