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Structural editing concept implementations
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It ought to be possible to define a DSL or simple framework upon which to build a structural editor for a given language.

  • Nodes.
  • Optional nodes.
  • Lists of notes, separated by some thing.
  • Text input boxes.

These, probably with a couple other things, should be sufficient to define a fairly complete editor for a language.

I made a very simple incomplete one just to demo the idea, in the web/haskell/ directory.

The concept should be suited to web, or Emacs, or Vim, or whatever editor has strong enough extensibility.

I strongly encourage anyone reading this to re-implement completely the web idea, or do it in Emacs, etc. The demo implementation I put in web/haskell/ is just that, a demo. See video here:

UPDATE: Looks like only Chrome likes the web/haskell implementation. Doesn't matter much, but thought I'd mention.

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