Hiragany is a simple Japanese IME for Mac
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Hiragany ver 0.3 - ひらがなせいかつ せんよう IME

This is yet another Japanese IME (Input Method Environment) for Mac OS X (10.5 or better).  If you are looking for an ordinary Japanese IME, I'd suggest you to go to http://www.google.com/intl/ja/ime right away.  Hiragany is not an ordinary IME by any means.

With Hiragany, you cannot (or don't need to) "select" Kanji conversion at all.  All you do is just type as you speak, then Hiragana comes out.  Simple as it ought to be.

Since you don't worry about Kanji conversion at all, you don't hit Space or Enter to do it.  Space and Enter always mean as they are as in English locale.  No Command-Enter or double-hit Enter in order to enter.

* Download
The latest binary should be found at https://github.com/nh7a/hiragany/releases

* Install
Copy Hiragany.app to /Library/Input Methods/ and open System Preferences to enable it.  If this is your first installation, you would need to logout the system and login, after copying the file.

* Katakana
You can also type Katakana.  Use capital letters to Katakanize what you write.

* Kakamany Mode
In spite of the application name, you can type few Kanaji compounds with this version, in fact.  Go to Menu and check on Kakamany Mode to enable it.

With Kakamany Mode, you still don't "select" Kanji at all.  You just type Hiragana, and Kanji may come out when it's found in the dictionary.

As this version contains only an incomplete set of Kanji dictionary, it may not work as you would need.  But if so, please reconsider to write it simpler in Hiragana.  Unless you are writing a popular blog, or trying to look intelligent, you don't probably need that complicated Kanji in the first place.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please follow and ask @Hiragany.

Enjoy ひらがなせいかつ!

Copyright 2010-2018 Naoki Hiroshima