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pytaku_is_deprecated: This version of Pytaku is DEPRECATED!
deprecation_warning: |
For various reasons, I've decided to rewrite Pytaku in a completely different
tech stack. While this old version of Pytaku will no longer be developed on,
it will still be live for the foreseeable future. However, note that it only
supports Kissmanga now because Batoto and Mangafox code have some bugs.
If you're a registered user, you'll receive an email notification when the
new Pytaku is up. In the meantime, hit me up on Gitter if you want more
welcome_to_pytaku: Welcome to Pytaku!
pytaku_is: |
Pytaku is an online manga reader that pulls data from various English and
Vietnamese manga sites (kissmanga, batoto, vitaku, etc.)
pytaku_instructions: |
You can get started right away by searching for a manga title. Logged in users
can bookmark chapters or maintain a list of series to check for updates
easily. We also automatically record chapters you have read: once you have
a chapter open for a few seconds, it will be marked as "reading"; scrolling
to the bottom will update it to "finished".
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