Programming 2 assignment - Battleship-style java game
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Startup screen


A battleship-style game written in Java swing and standard 2D graphics. Here in this game, battleships are replaced with sea monsters.

Requires Oracle JDK 7. To build this game, simply use ant to build using build.xml. The file is actually generated from netbeans, and there's nothing stopping you from importing it into a netbeans project.

How to play

  1. Choose the difficulty:
    • Easy: monsters can only be laid horizontally. PC AI shoots randomly for every turn.
    • Hard: monsters can be laid either horizontally or vertically. PC AI tries shooting neighboring squares after a hit.
  2. Put monsters on your map (the left one). If you're on Hard difficulty, press space to switch between horizontal and vertical.
  3. Profit.


  • Sound is disabled by default. Turn it on by setting ENABLE_SOUND to true in The reason is because after a few turns, the sound code will crash on Ubuntu (haven't tried it on Windows). No idea why.

  • After building the jar file, remember to copy img/ and sound/ to its same folder or things won't work.

  • Hard AI seemingly not working correctly in some cases. Didn't have time to fix this.

  • The report contains crappy auto generated UML diagrams, somewhat non-scholarly language and a (kind of) vague architectural description. How I miss the time when I could whip up stuff like this and still get away with a High Distinction. Those were the days...