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Rem-graph is a graph plugin for Remnote

How does it look like?

How to add this plugin to your RemNote?

  1. Go to (Do not worry about the warning banner, rem-graph just uses READ api, it does NOT use any create or delete APIs. So, your notes will be absolutely safe)
  2. Press "Add Plugin"
  3. (Required) Type Plugin Name. Ex: rem-graph
  4. (Option) Plugin Description. Ex: by nhanvu327
  5. (Required) Plugin URL. Copy and paste this
  6. (Required) CSS Height: your choice but the higher the better. My recommendation is 1000px
  7. (Required) CSS Width: 100%

It should look like this after all

  1. Pick a document that you wrote notes.
  2. Type /plugin at a position you want to insert graph
  3. Choose the plugin added, as the image below

11. Enjoy!