Basic Microsoft Azure App Service Automation
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Basic Microsoft Azure App Service Automation

Supports deployment of a zip archive to Azure App Service via Git from within Node.js.

At this point in time, this is very much a work-in-progress and the API may be subject to change. Use at your own risk.


Requires Node >= 6.

npm install azur --save-dev


import Application from 'azur';

const app = new Application({
  appName: '<your-site>', // http://<your-site>
  username: '<deployment-username>', // Microsoft Azure Git Deployment Username
  password: '<deployment-password>', // Microsoft Azure Git Deployment Password
  gitName: 'Automation', // Deployment Commit Author
  gitEmail: '', // Deployment Commit E-mail

  archiveFilePath: 'path/to/',
}).then(() => {
  console.log('Done!'); // Post-deployment

DEBUG=azur may be set in your environment variables to enable some logging during the deployment process.

Notable influences

  • beanstalkify - AWS Elastic Beanstalk Automation
  • azure-deploy - Azure App Service Deployment automation (also using git)