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A collection of useful JS/TS modules.
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A monorepo-style collection of useful bits and pieces.

Use Kerosene to make your project lit💥🔥. Made by Kablamo

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Modules Index

Feature Flags

yarn add @kablamo/kerosene-feature-flags

A simple assertion style feature flag for use in CI/CD deployment pipelines, especially well suited to monorepos and Trunk Based Development.

View Kerosene Feature Flags on npm


yarn add @kablamo/kerosene-ui

React components to help with some common tasks.

View Kerosene-UI on npm


Like lodash, but it's ours. Basically some pure functions that do stuff useful for anybody

Kerosene is not on npm yet.


How do I create a new package?

Copy an existing one and change what you need.

Manual intervention is required the first time you want to publish to npm.

How do I run the tests?

From a terminal, run:

cd kerosene
yarn test
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