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Changes since April 7, 2011
- [NEW] Re-wrote the thumbnail scroll view to reuse thumbnail views. Improves scroll performance.
- [UPDATE] Cleaned up sample projects. Added activity indicator on the Flickr and SDWebImage view controllers.
Changes since April 6, 2011
(Note: I realize I failed to update the change log over the last year. Apologies to all. I will do a better job going forward.)
- [NEW] Added reusable thumb view queue to improve scroll performance on the thumbnail scroll view.
- [NEW] Added new Flickr+JSON sample. Shows how to use the Flickr JSON API to retrieve and display photos. This sample uses SDWebImage to cache downloaded photos.
Changes since March 23, 2010
- [NEW] Added photo rotation support.
- [NEW] Added thumbnail view rotation support. Turned off by default. To
rotation the thumbnail view do the following (or similar):
- (BOOL)shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation:(UIInterfaceOrientation)interfaceOrientation {
return YES;
- [REMOVED] [KTThumbsViewController loadPhotos] is no longer available. The thumbnails
automatically load when the data source is set and the needsDisplay is YES.
To focus a reload use the new method [KTThumbsViewController reloadThumbs].
- [NEW] New instance method reload on the KTThumbsViewController class. Call this method
to reload the thumbnails.
- [REMOVED] didFinishLoadingPhotos method has bee removed and replaced with more
meaningful methods: willLoadThumbs and didLoadThumbs.
- [NEW] New instance method willLoadThumbs on the KTThumbsViewController class. This
method is called prior to loading the thumbnails for display. Override this
method if you need to perform some prep work such as displaying an activity
- [NEW] New instance method didLoadThumbs on the KTThumbsViewController class. This
method is called after the thumbnails are loaded and displayed. Override this
method if you need to perform some type of clean up work such as hiding an
activity indicator.
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