Character encoding detection, brought to you by ICU
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Character encoding detecting library for Ruby using ICU


First you'll need to require it

require 'charlock_holmes'

Encoding detection

contents ='test.xml')
detection = CharlockHolmes::EncodingDetector.detect(contents)
# => {:encoding => 'UTF-8', :confidence => 100, :type => :text}

# optionally there will be a :language key as well, but
# that's mostly only returned for legacy encodings like ISO-8859-1

NOTE: CharlockHolmes::EncodingDetector.detect will return nil if it was unable to find an encoding.

For binary content, :type will be set to :binary

Though it's more efficient to reuse once detector instance:

detector =

detection1 = detector.detect('test.xml'))
detection2 = detector.detect('test2.json'))

# and so on...

String monkey patch

Alternatively, you can just use the detect_encoding method on the String class

require 'charlock_holmes/string'

contents ='test.xml')

detection = contents.detect_encoding

Ruby 1.9 specific

NOTE: This method only exists on Ruby 1.9+

If you want to use this library to detect and set the encoding flag on strings, you can use the detect_encoding! method on the String class

require 'charlock_holmes/string'

contents ='test.xml')

# this will detect and set the encoding of `contents`, then return self


Being able to detect the encoding of some arbitrary content is nice, but what you probably want is to be able to transcode that content into an encoding your application is using.

content ='test2.txt')
detection = CharlockHolmes::EncodingDetector.detect(content)
utf8_encoded_content = CharlockHolmes::Converter.convert content, detection[:encoding], 'UTF-8'

The first parameter is the content to transcode, the second is the source encoding (the encoding the content is assumed to be in), and the third parameter is the destination encoding.


If the traditional gem install charlock_holmes doesn't work, you may need to specify the path to your installation of ICU using the --with-icu-dir option during the gem install.

At the time of writing, Homebrew for OSX installs ICU (icu4c is the package name) as a keg-only install so you'll have to specify the location during the gem install:

gem install charlock_holmes -- --with-icu-dir=/usr/local/Cellar/icu4c/4.4.1

If you're using Bundler and need to specify a custom path(s), you can do so with the bundle config command:

bundle config build.charlock_holmes --with-icu-dir=/usr/local/Cellar/icu4c/4.4.1