Samsung Printer EEprom Reset Tool
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Samsung Printer EEprom Resetter for Raspberry Pi

Speer is a python script that can backup, restore and reset the content of the EEPROM of toner cartridges for the Samsung CLP-510 series printers.

The script is intended to be used with a Raspberry Pi connected to a toner catridge.

The toner cartridges for the CLP-510 contain a ST24C04 which is a 4 Kbit Serial I²C Bus EEPROM. It can be contected with three wires to the I²C-Bus on the GPIO header of a Raspberry Pi. This script then reads from and writes to the EEPROM.

In theory, it should run on any other Platform which provides the smbus python package. It was however only tested with a Raspberry Pi.


Wiring Plan

Toner cartridge:

|       / \                                 .            |
|       \ /               +---------------+            O +
|                         | [D]  [G]  [C] |             /

       D = Data    <connect-to>  Raspberry Pi pin 3
       G = Ground  <connect-to>  Raspberry Pi pin 6
       C = Clock   <connect-to>  Raspberry Pi pin 5


usage: [-b <filename>] [-x] [-r <filename>] [-z] [-w] [-h]
                [--bus <bus>] [--addr <addr>]

  -b <filename>  backup EEPROM to file
  -x             output hex dump of EEPROM
  -r <filename>  restore EEPROM from file
  -z             auto-zero page counter in EEPROM
  -w             print wiring information

optional arguments:
  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  --bus <bus>    i2c-bus (default: 1)
  --addr <addr>  i2c-address (auto-detection is attempted if not given)

The different color cartridges have different I²C addresses:

  • 0x50: Yellow cartridge
  • 0x52: Magenta cartridge
  • 0x54: Cyan cartridge
  • 0x56: Black cartridge

Speer tries to auto-dectect the address if the --addr argument is not given. A wrong address might however be detected if there are other devices on the I²C bus.