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Cloud Native Starter for Java and Node.js Microservices on Kubernetes and Istio
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Cloud Native Starter for Java and Node.js

This project contains sample code that shows how to build cloud-native applications with JavaEE and Node.js and deploy them to Kubernetes and Istio.

The project showcases the following functionality:

  • JavaEE (with MicroProfile) and Node.js microservices
  • Distributed tracing
  • Traffic management
  • Resiliency via fallbacks and circuit breakers
  • REST APIs implementations incl. documentation
  • REST API invocations
  • Distributed logging
  • Metrics
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Configuration
  • Deployments

This diagram shows the key components:

The next screenshot shows the web application. More screenshots are in the images folder.

Local Environment Setup

Follow these instructions to set up the local environment with Minikube and Istio. This should not take longer than 30 minutes.



Deploy (and redeploy):

$ git clone
$ cd cloud-native-starter
$ scripts/
$ scripts/
$ scripts/
$ scripts/
$ scripts/
$ scripts/
$ scripts/

Run the Demo

After running the scripts above, you will get a list of all URLs in the terminal.

Example URL to open the web app:

Example API endpoint:

Traffic Routing

In order to demonstrate traffic routing you can run the following commands. 20 % of the web-api API request to read articles will now return 10 instead of 5 articles which is version 2. 80 % of the requests are still showing only 5 articles which is version 1. This distribution is set in istio/istio-ingress-service-web-api-v1-v2-80-20.yaml (weight: 80 vs. weight: 20).

$ scripts/
$ scripts/


In order to demonstrate resiliency you can run the following command to delete the authors service:

$ scripts/

In the next step delete the articles service:

$ scripts/


Run these commands to delete the cloud native starter components:

$ scripts/
$ scripts/
$ scripts/
$ scripts/
$ scripts/


Here is a series of blog entries about this project:

Here is more information about Microservices, MicroProfile and Istio:

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