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root_folder=$(cd $(dirname $0); cd ..; pwd)
exec 3>&1
function _out() {
echo "$(date +'%F %H:%M:%S') $@"
function setup() {
_out Configuring Prometheus
cd ${root_folder}/istio
rm ${root_folder}/istio/prometheus-config-new.yaml
rm ${root_folder}/istio/prometheus-config-org.yaml
kubectl get configmap prometheus -n istio-system -oyaml > ${root_folder}/istio/prometheus-config-org.yaml
sed -e '/kind: ConfigMap/r ./prometheus-config.yaml' -e '/kind: ConfigMap/d' ${root_folder}/istio/prometheus-config-org.yaml > ${root_folder}/istio/prometheus-config-new.yaml
kubectl replace --force -f ${root_folder}/istio/prometheus-config-new.yaml
pod=$(kubectl get pods -n istio-system | grep prometheus | awk ' {print $1} ')
kubectl delete pod $pod -n istio-system
_out Done configuring Prometheus
_out Wait until the pod has been started: "kubectl get pod -n istio-system --watch | grep prometheus"
command1="kubectl -n istio-system port-forward $"
command2="(kubectl -n istio-system get pod -l app=prometheus -o jsonpath='{.items[0]}') 9090:9090 &"
_out Run the command: ${command1}${command2}
_out Then open http://localhost:9090/
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