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- Added name of Property to the PropertyNotFoundException message.
- Fixed bug with <joined-subclass> that has a <property formula="..." />.
- Fixed bug with extra "AND" being added to sql.
- Fixed NullReferenceException that could occur in InstantiationException.
- Improved efficiency of GuidCombGenerator (Marc C. Brooks).
- Modified BinaryType to work with MySql's buggy version of GetBytes().
- Fixed default value of "unsaved-value" for <version> in xsd.
- Fixed default value of "unsaved-value" for <timestamp> in xsd.
- Modified "proxy" to use "namespace" and "assembly" from <hibernate-mapping>
- Fixed bug with <version> defaulting to "null" instead of "undefined".
- Added "namespace" and "assembly" attributes to <hibernate-mapping>.
- Added lazy="true" as short hand for proxy="full type name"
- Added insert attribute to <discriminator>.
- Added ability to set INamingStrategy on Configuration class.
- Added property-ref attribute on <many-to-one> and <one-to-one>.
- Added "foreign-key" attribute to <many-to-one>, <one-to-one>, <many-to-many>, key allowing a different column to be the foreign key target
- Added check attribute to column element.
- Added <sql-query> element.
- Added "unsaved-value" to <version>/<timestamp> as DateTime can't support null, use 1/1/0001 to align with .NET default value for DateTime
- Added SaveOrUpdateCopy() which allows synchronisation for detached objects
- Added Expression.Example for Query By Example.
- Added IDriver and Dialect for Sybase (Steve Corbin).
- Added UniqueResult() to ICriteria and IQuery.
- Added default value of hibernate.connection.driver_class to Dialect so most of the time this configuration is not needed.
- Added SByteType to built in ITypes.
- Fixed <one-to-one> so that two queries are no longer issued when one side is null.
- Fixed bug with ISet.AddAll(ICollection) not being implemented. (Bill Hawes)
- Fixed bug with <set> being initialized from Cache.
- Fixed bug with hql "select new ClassName(...) from ..." where one parameter was an Enum. (Luca Altea)
- Fixed bug in mapping that required type="" to be required instead of NH correctly inferring type. (Luca Altea)
- Fixed bug with a decimal <id> and unsaved-value.
- Fixed problem with loading ADO.NET Data Providers from GAC.
- Fixed issue with TableGenerator not disposing of IDbCommand.
- Improved memory consumption of Configuration, smaller footprint and releases objects faster.
- Improved nhibernate-mapping schema to more schema constructs instead of direct dtd port.
- Improved message from NullableType when DataProvider can't cast the database value to .net class.
- Modified <discriminator> to use "null" or "not null" as the value.
- Modified Dialect to use Hibernate 2.1 methods.
- Modified Expression to return ICriterion instead of Expression class. This will break existing code.
- Modified nhibernate-configuration-2.0.xsd to not require <mappings>.
- Modified TestFixtures in NHibernate.Test to only execute create/drop ddl in the TestFixtureSetUp/TestFixtureTearDown.
- Split QueryFunctionStandard into ISQLFunction interface and StandardSQLFunction.
- Upgraded to nant-0.85-rc3 and nunit-2.2.0.
- Renamed class NHibernate.NHibernate to NHibernate.NHibernateUtil. This will break alot of code if you were using ISession.Find with parameters - migrate to IQuery instead.
- Fixed bug with DateTime type where any value less than 1/1/1753 was written to the database as null. If you were relying on this then the Nullables library in NHibernateContrib is the way to code null values for DateTime properties.
- Added ISession.Get() as an alternative to ISession.Load() (Sergey Koshcheyev).
- Added IDisposable to EnumerableImpl, ISession, ITransaction, IBatcher, and IConnectionProvider.
- Added default value of hibernate.connection.driver_class to Dialects.
- Added default value of hibernate.prepare_sql="false" to MsSql2000Dialect.
- Added [ComVisible(false)] to NHibernate AssemblyInfo.
- Added OracleDataClientDriver for Oracle.DataAccess assembly (James Mills).
- Added IDriver and Dialect for SQLite (Ioan Bizau).
- Fixed messages in exceptions from GetGetter and GetSetter in BasicPropertyAccessor and NoSetterAccessor.
- Fixed problem of LazyInitializationException losing InnerException.
- Fixed problem of Collections not always getting cached.
- Fixed Id.TableGenerator so it works with Oracle.
- Fixed problem with SequenceHiLoGenerator and converting to Int64 (Yves Dierick).
- Fixed problem of some NHibernate Exceptions not being serializable.
- Improved documentation in IQuery to explain how SetMaxResult is working.
- Improved messages in Exceptions thrown by ISetter.
- Improved messages in Exceptions for Persisters with problems parsing discriminator values.
- Improved Configuration.AddAssembly() to process hbm.xml files with subclass/joined-subclass files using "extends" in correct order (Mark Traudt). Also added overload of AddAssembly(Assembly,bool) that can be used to skip ordering.
- Many internal cleanups from FxCop reccommendations.
- Modified ISession.Lock() to allow reassociating transient instances like hibernate 2.1 (Sergey Koshcheyev).
- Modified Exception thrown by Preparer when the IDbCommand.Prepare() method fails to ADOException.
- Modified SqlCommand.Parameter to be immutable.
- Modified how constraints are generated to work with MySql 4.1 (Bill Hawes).
- Modified Dialect to throw an ArgumentException when an unsupported DbType is used.
- Modified constructors on NHibernate Collections to be internal instead of public.
- Renamed Transaction to AdoTransaction.
- Added support for proxy="" on classes. proxy="" must either specify an Interface or the properties that need to be proxied have to be virtual.
- Added a configuration parameter "hibernate.prepare_sql" to turn on or off calls to IDbCommand.Prepare().
- Added NHibernate Type for System.SByte. (Sergey Koshcheyev)
- Added support for mapping subclasses and joined-subclasses in different files through addition of extends attribute. (Andrew Mayorov)
- Added support for LIMIT to MySQLDialect. (Sergey Koshcheyev)
- Improved error messages when IDbCommand and IDbConnection can't be found by the IDriver.
- Improved error message when mapped class is missing a constructor with no args.
- Fixed problem with spaces in sql generated from hql and MySql.
- Fixed bug with Configuration when there is a class without a namespace.
- Fixed bug with Sql generated for an IN clause that contains a class/subclass with a discriminator-value="null".
- Fixed potential threading problem with QueryTranslator.
- Modified logging in Transaction to not generate as many messages.
- Modified how exceptions are rethrown so call stack of original exception is not lost.
- Moved NHibernate.Tasks and NHibernate.Tool.hbm2net to the NHibernateContrib package.
- Removed DbType {get;} from IUserType.
- Added Iesi.Collections Library that contains an ISet. Code was taken from
- Fixed hbm2net problem with spaces in arguments. (Kevin Williams)
- Added a NHibernateContrib project that contains Nullable Types for .net 1.1 designed for WinForm Databinding. (Donald Mull)
- Added DB2Driver and DB2Dialect to core of NHibernate. (Martijn Boland)
- Fixed IQuery.SetParameter() when the value is an Enum
- Updated to latest MySql Data Provider and changed classes to MySqlDataDriver. Removed binaries from CVS since they are GPL now.
- Isolated test and classes that use DbType.Time into their own fixtures. Data Drivers don't implement this consistently.
- Fixed problem where HQL was not parsing Enums correctly. (Peter Smulovics)
- Fixed Int16 not working as a <version> Property.
- Added CLSCompliantAttribute(true) attribute to NHibernate and Iesi.Collections.
- Fixed how Exceptions are rethrown to not lose the stack trace.
- Added more comments around ISession.Find and ISession.Enumerate to explain Cache usage.
- Fixed bug with dynamic-update generating SQL for all properties. (Sergey Koshcheyev)
- Add Clover.NET into NHibernate build process thanks to license donated by Cenqua (
- Modified TableGenerator to default first id to "1" instead of "0" to work better with unsaved-value. (Karl Andersson)
Alpha Build
- Started work on documentation.
- Improved Cache to use pluggable CacheProviders like Hibernate 2.1. (Kevin Williams)
- Removed properties UseScrollableResults, BatchSize, and FetchSize - not applicable to ADO.NET.
- Fixed problem with object not getting removed from Cache when Evicted from Session.
- Added to MySqlDialect a mapping from DbType.Guid to varchar(40) for schema-export. (Thomas Kock)
- Added lowercase-underscore naming strategy. (Corey Behrends)
- Fixed bug with access="field" and no type="" attribute causing Exception in ReflectHelper.
- Removed IVersionType implementation from TimeType and DateType.
- Moved Eg namespace from NHibernate core to NHibernate.Eg project.
- Added guid.comb id generator. (Donald Mull)
- Added ability to configure with a cfg.xml embedded as a resource in an assembly (Thomas Kock)
- Fixed PostgreSQLDialect binding of Limit Parameters. (Martijn Boland)
- Began restructure of lib folder to support net-1.0, net-1.1, net-2.0, and mono-1.0 in build. Still only 'officially' supports net-1.1.
Alpha Build
- Removed property AdoTransaction from Transaction.
- Added MsSql7Dialect.
- Added PostgreSQL Driver and Dialect (Oliver Weichhold & Martijn Boland).
- Fixed bug with Expression.Ge() not returning correct Expression.
- PersistentCollection now implements ICollection (Donald Mull).
- BatcherImpl and PreparerImpl were combined and code cleaned up thanks to problems found when using Ngpsql (Martijn Boland).
- ITransaction is now responsible for joining IDbCommand to IDbTransaction instead of IBatcher - if applicable.
- Modified code to help improve performance of Drivers that don't support multiple Open DataReaders on a single IDbConnection.
- Fixed bug with hbm2net and VelocityRenderer throwing Exception (Carlos Guzmán Álvarez & Peter Smulovics).
- Clean up of hbm2net (Peter Smulovics).
- Modified internals of AbstractEntityPersister to help with buiding on Mono (Oliver Weichhold).
- Renamed to to help with building on Mono (Oliver Weichhold).
- Removed Dialect.GetLimitString(string) should use Dialect.GetLimitString(SqlString) instead.
- SqlStringBuilders were modified to set an initial capacity for the ArrayList.
- Added properties to SqlString to help with SqlStringBuilders and Hql.
- Marked Exceptions as [Serializable].
- Fixed bug with Hql not being able to use a constant in an imported or mapped Class.
- DateTimeType.DeepCopyNotNull() cleaned up (Mark Traudt).
- Added VersionProperty to IClassMetadata.
- Renamed PrimitiveType to ValueTypeType to be more .net style consistent and fixed them up so they inherit from the appropriate class.
- Fixed bug with caching an ObjectType.
- Much code cleaned up for FxCop (Peter Smulovics).
- Fixed bug with <bag lazy="true">, doing an Add, and then a Flush() resulting in the entity in there twice.
Alpha Build
- Removed support for <dynabean> mapping since it doesn't exist in .net.
- Fixed bug in file when not signing NHibernate.dll.
- Fixed bug with Hql and SetParameter() where there were 2 parameters with same name.
- Fixed bug with Hql and "IN (:namedParam)".
- Fixed bug with Hql and multi column IType.
- Fixed bug with Hql and scalar queries
- Fixed bug with NullReferenceException and TypeType class.
- ISession.Filter() is now working.
- Compiled Queries and Filters are now cached.
- Refactored Hql to use a SqlString instead of string containing sql.
- Dialect has had public API changed because of Sql to SqlCommand refactoring.
- IPreparer has had methods removed from public API.
- type="System.Object" no longer matches to SerializableType - instead it matches to ObjectType. Use type="Serializable" instead.
- Added "access" attribute for NHibernate to get to fields and properties with no setters. See NHibernate.Property.PropertyAccessorFactory for all valid value types and how to plug in your own implementation of IPropertyAccessor.
- Added Types to read BLOB/CLOB columns to a byte[]/string Property.
- Modified Expression.Sql() to require use of SqlString if parameters are used.
- TypeFactory was modified to allow the attribute "type" to be the Assembly Qualified Name, Full Name, NHibernate IType.Name, or Hibernate name to help with porting hibernate hbm.xml files and Net2Hbm that John is writing.
- hibernate.connection.isolation configuration now affects the IDbTransaction's IsolationLevel, it is parsed as the name value of the IsolationLevel enum - "Chaos", "ReadCommitted", "ReadUncommitted", "RepeatableRead", "Serializable", and "Unspecified".
- ICriteria.SetMaxResults() is now working.
- IQuery.SetMaxResults().Enumerable() is now working.
- Modifed Test Fixtures to help isolate problems caused by DataProviders.
PreAlpha Build
- NHibernate and HashCodeProvider are now strong named assemblies. The key used to sign the assemblies is not in CVS.
- Many more Tests implemented.
- Added Examples into CVS and zip.
- ConnectionProvider uses settings passed to it by ConnectionProviderFactory instead of default settings.
- Hbm2Net moved from NHibernate folder to its own folder and NAnt Tasks for it contributed by Kevin Williams.
- Adding properties to Cfg instead of using app.config/web.config or cfg.xml now supported.
- In cfg.xml, an assembly where the resource can be found is now needed - ie: <mapping resource="" assembly="" />.
- nhibernate-configuration-2.0.xsd schema was updated to .net friendly names and all cfg.xml files are now validated.
- Fixed bug with classes having dynamic-insert and dynamic-update causing IndexOutOfRangeExceptions.
- Modified length of string for CultureInfoType.
- Added Firebird fixes contributed by Carlos Guzmán Álvarez.
- Changed TimestampType.Set to behaive like hibernate. Will not write a null value anymore - instead replaces it with DateTime.Now.
- Removed IVersionType interface from DecimalType.
- Add PropertyExpressions contributed by Carlos Guzmán Álvarez.
- Fixed bug with referencing joined classes properties in hql.
- Fixed IndexOutOfRangeException with NormalizedEntityPersister for versioned entities.
- Added ObjectType to TypeFactory and NHibernate.
- Fixed problem with hql subselects referencing a class in main query.
- Limited support for Serializing a Session. Sometimes a Refresh() is needed after Deserialization.
- Fixed bug with sending a one-to-many collection to be updated that involves inserting a new row.
PreAlpha Build 6
- Fixed Configuration so app.config/web.config behaives like and a hibernate.cfg.xml. Settings in app.confg/web.config are no longer required if a cfg.xml file is used.
- Dialects now set default values for outer joins.
- Fixed bug in ArrayHolder with null elements.
- Added IDisposable to ISession
- Fixed bug with lazy loaded SortedSet during Flush().
- Fixed problem with Loading using LockModes because of missing columns with Forumlas.
- Added SetAnsiString to IQuery
- Fixed bug with IDbCommands used in a Session that is Disconnected and Reconnected not being associated with the correct IDbTransaction.
- Driver can disable calls to IDbCommand.Prepare() for Data Providers that don't support it.
- Removed requirement to set length with type attribute - ie, can use type="String" instead of type="String(50)".
- schema-export now functions just like it does with hibernate 2.0.3
- Converting a SqlString to an IDbCommand is now a Driver specific function because different Driver's have different requirements for IDbCommands.
- Added HashCodeProvider.dll to remove problems with RuntimeHelpers.GetHashCode causing MissingMethodException with App Domain reloading with ASP.NET and NUnit.
PreAlpha Build 5
- Added check in Configuration for 1.1 version of runtime.
- Removed reference in NHibernate.csproj to nunit.framework.dll.
- Fixed update="true" when values different than insert attribute.
- Enumerable with HQL now works with multiple results.
- Fixed NullReferenceException in EvictCollections.
- Fixed bug with lazy loaded sorted collections not loading correctly.
- Fixed problem with cascading deletes causing OutOfMemoryException.
- Implemented more TestFixtures.
PreAlpha Build 4
- Implemented most DomainModel classes and hbms for testing
- Implemented more TestFixtures (both migrated and new)
- Added Oracle Dialects and Drivers (thanks to feilng for contributing those!)
- Modified classes in Type namespace to support reading values from Oracle Driver
- Added DotNetMock.dll to NHibernate.Test assembly to help with testing Type namesapce
- Fixed parameter parsing so both Named Params (:name) and ? can be used in HQL
- Fixed problem with joins in HQL
- Fixed problem with <set>, <map>, and <bag> where lazy="true"
- Fixed problem with <idbag> being bound to a Bag instead of IdentifierBag
- Fixed problem with CollectionPersister.WriteRowSelect and IdentifierBags
- Fixed problem with <array> when a null value was in the array
- Fixed problem with sending an unneeded Update before a Delete
- Fixed problem with null aliases and Parameter.Equals()
- Cleaned up HQL parsing so it internally throws fewer exceptions
- ConnectionProvider's now provide internal IDbConnection cache like h2.0.3 - not on by default
- Fixed problem with StringHelper.Replace being passed a null template
- <property forumla="some sql forumla" ... /> is now supported
- <class dynamic-insert="true"> is now supported
- read only <property> and a read-write <property> can now refer to the same column without problems.
- changed value of Dialect.SupportForUpdateOf to false, like h2.0.3 has it
- Id generation strategies that use TableGenerator now work for all Drivers
- Modified IdentityMap to use SequencedHashMap instead of ListDictionary (thanks to feling for finding the performance problems that ListDictionary was causing)
- Fixed problem with Expresion.Juction.GetTypedValues() not returning correct TypedValue[]
PreAlpha Build 3
- Synched Cache Namespace with cache package in H2.0.3
- Synched CollectionPersister with H2.0.3
- Synched Config Namespace with config package in H2.0.3.
- Synched Cascade strategies with H2.0.3
- Synched Dialect Namespace with dialect package in H2.0.3
- Started HQL Namespace synch with hql package in H2.0.3. There are still some issues in there.
- Synched Id Namespace with id package in H2.0.3
- Synched Mapping namespace with mapping package in H2.0.3.
- Added ForUpdateFragment
- hbm2net created.
- Added AnsiStringType.
- Added GuidType.
- Fixed problem with IdentityMap that caused <set lazy="true"> to not work.
- Added support for <bag> and <id-bag> mappings.
- Implemented sorted collections.
- Build files rewritten.
- MsSql Dialect now issues one statement to Insert and retrieve identity value.
- Fixed a bug with <generator class="sequence">
- Implemented SqlExpression for Criteria queries.
- Initial fix of Multiple IDataReaders being opened with Entities that contain <component> mappings.
- Fixed problems with Alias and Ms Sql Server.
PreAlpha Build 2
- Continued to synchronize NHibernate with Hibernate 2.0.3's features.
- Modifed BooleanType to use GetBoolean instead of GetByte
- Modified MsSqlServer2000Dialect to maps a BooleanSqlType to a bit column type.
- Fixed bug with IdentityMap that caused problems with Session.Flush() loading lazy collections
- Added TicksType to TypeFactory
- Fixed bug with SchemaExport committing a non existing IDbTransaction
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