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These are the tasks typically needed to create an official NHibernate release.
* In Jira, make sure no open issues have "fix version" set to the release
that is about to happen (as these will show in the release notes).
* Update releasenotes.txt with list of issues from Jira's Release Notes
feature. See if any additions to the list of "known breaking changes"
are necessary.
* Check/update version number in build-common/common.xml.
* Don't forget to commit the above.
* Perform the release build including running all tests (GaRelease.bat or
NOTE: If you prefer to keep your source code in a path like e.g.:
you may want to issue a command like:
subst P: C:\Users\Something\Long\Projects
And then change to P:\nhibernate-core before building. This will avoid
displaying a long user-specific path in public symbol files.
* If no error or other issue requiring further changes occurred, tag the
current git HEAD with a tag according to version number. Don't forget to
push the tag to github.
* Upload binary and source zip files to SourceForge. Update the "latest
* Update download link on
* Push nuget packages including the symbol packages. The nuget packages
should already be available in the build directory, together with a batch
file to push them.
* In Jira, mark the version as released.
* Post release announcement to nhusers, nhibernate-development and as
project news on SourceForge.
* If this was a stable branch, merge it forward to master. Perhaps some
changes need to be edited out in the merge, but this will reduce the
risk of some issue being left unfixed on master.
* Several weeks or months after the release, in Jira, we will assume all
issues resolved in the release have been verified. Go ahead and close
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