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using NHibernate.Proxy;
namespace NHibernate.Bytecode
/// <summary>
/// An interface for factories of <see cref="IProxyFactory">proxy factory</see> instances.
/// </summary>
/// <remarks>
/// Used to abstract from the tupizer.
/// </remarks>
public interface IProxyFactoryFactory
/// <summary>
/// Build a proxy factory specifically for handling runtime
/// lazy loading.
/// </summary>
/// <returns> The lazy-load proxy factory. </returns>
IProxyFactory BuildProxyFactory();
/// <summary> Build a proxy factory for basic proxy concerns. The return
/// should be capable of properly handling newInstance() calls.
/// <p/>
/// Should build basic proxies essentially equivalent to JDK proxies in
/// terms of capabilities, but should be able to deal with abstract super
/// classes in addition to proxy interfaces.
/// <p/>
/// Must pass in either superClass or interfaces (or both).
/// </summary>
/// <param name="superClass">The abstract super class (or null if none).</param>
/// <param name="interfaces">Interfaces to be proxied (or null if none).</param>
/// <returns> The proxy class</returns>
// TODO: H3.2
//BasicProxyFactory BuildBasicProxyFactory(System.Type superClass, System.Type[] interfaces);
IProxyValidator ProxyValidator { get; }
bool IsInstrumented(System.Type entityClass);
bool IsProxy(object entity);