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Regis Bittencourt regisbsb authored
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@@ -65,6 +65,7 @@ of NHibernate (in no particular order):
* [JetBrains][] - [ReSharper][] licences for NHibernate developers
* [LinFu][] - proxy implementation (Philip Laureano)
* Iesi.Collections - source code taken from an [article][Article] written by Jason Smith
+* [Relinq] - Linq provider for NHibernate
@@ -78,4 +79,5 @@ of NHibernate (in no particular order):
-[Article]: "Add Support for "Set" Collections to .NET"
+[Article]: "Add Support for "Set" Collections to .NET"
+[Relinq]: "re-linq: Generic LINQ provider"
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